Iso-Island Update 3.5

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Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 3.4Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:

213/214 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings) 11/15 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded.A Beta Tester Application is now open and we look forward to all the applicants! Applications will close on November 10th at 11:59 pm MST.A new item called Fertility Wax has been added to Hasha's Hut.Now when you submit a courtship you will only get one egg design if you are courting two of your own Isomara together. If you are courting an Isomara owned by you and someone elses Isomara two egg designs will be made which both of the users may keep. Both of you may keep and co-own both or you can kee

Update notes:

  • 244/245 Isomara have been uploaded
  • 12/15 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded.
  • Beta Tester Applications closed, beta testers were chosen and has currently been progressing very well. Thank you to everyone who applied.
  • A new rare layered eyes trait has been added to the species trait guide.
  • An in-depth journal about Redesigning Your MYO Isomara has been released. 
  • New Isomara Island Map has been released.
  • The new activity, Voyaging, has been released. For an Isomara to participate in voyaging they need to partake in the Voyaging Verification and gain the Island Hopper achievement. Currently, Voyaging will only be available for Beta Testers. Anyone with the Island Hopper Achievement already may explore Pelemoku.
  • When submitting a training or exploration there are now forms you need to fill out in your submissions. Those forms are in each journal respectively.


- Isolings are now able to earn certain Special Traits. Prior only adults were allowed to earn special traits. The traits able to be earned by Isolings include Feathered Ears, Shaped Pupils, and Fluff Cuffs.
Hair Growth Mousse can now be used to grow head hair or a small goatee on an Isomara's chin (Use two of this item to grow both head hair and a goatee).
- The Isoling Growth journal has been changed and updated to reflect the new Duestrum Breed as well as some changes were made to the text in the journal.
- There is now a +10 ss bonus when two or more people collaborate on an art piece or a written roleplay.
- Cobwebs and Raisens have been removed from the game as they served little to no purpose. There were also other items which served the same purpose.
- The limit of donation you can toss into the Wishing Well has been increased from 25ss to 50ss and from x3 items to x5 items. The monthly raffle has also been removed as the upcoming SS Lotto will hold the same purpose.
- Seashell gains have been balanced out more within the In-Game Currency journal.
    - 1,500 words stories used to reward 130ss now only rewards 120ss
    - 2,000 word stories used to reward 200ss now only 180ss
    - Simple shading now rewards +5ss was +3ss
    - Complex shading now rewards +7ss was +5ss
- Explorations now only need to be 500 words in length. They used to need to be 750 words long.
- Training no longer must have color or shading. Both of those are optional! Training pictures still need backgrounds.
- One wish is now granted every other Wednesday instead of every Wednesday for Wishful Wednesdays.


- Certain titles for seashells bonuses have been renamed for conformity and simplicity in the In-Game Currency journal. The "Goom Companion" bonus is now just called "Companion" and "Challenges/Events" is now just called "Event".
- Many Craftable items had Pacings' shop linked for "Where to craft" instead of Pacings' Crafting Counter
- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs and Journal Skin errors.

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