Iso-Island Update 3.4

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Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 3.3Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:

210/212 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings) Partial Backgrounds seashells bonus has been added to the In-Game Currency journal. 11/14 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded Official ID's now have two additional lines of text (ID's are still being updated with this)"Can be trained by others: Y/N". This line of text allows the owners of the Isomara to give permission to other members to allow them to train your Isomara without needing to ask you. By default, all training permissions are set to "N" for "No". If you want to give other users permission to use your Isomara in trainings reply to the Misc. threa

Update notes:

  • 213/214 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings) 
  • 11/15 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded.
  • Beta Tester Application is now open and we look forward to all the applicants! Applications will close on November 10th at 11:59 pm MST.
  • A new item called Fertility Wax has been added to Hasha's Hut.
  • Now when you submit a courtship you will only get one egg design if you are courting two of your own Isomara together. If you are courting an Isomara owned by you and someone elses Isomara two egg designs will be made which both of the users may keep. Both of you may keep and co-own both or you can keep one each. You can even choose to donate the egg(s) to the daycare. We've decided that since both users are doing work to court then both users should get an egg. If you happened to breed before this update we are doing an offer to those users have a chance to get the past eggs designed. Those users have been notified below and will have until November 10th to try to claim the other egg(s) or the eggs will be donated to The Daycare.
    • If you are courting your own Isomara together you can use the new item from Hasha's hut to produce two eggs a courting.


- The ownership limit of Isomara has been increased to seven (7) Adults, five (5) Isolings, and 3 Eggs! (Originally was 5 Adults, 3 Isolings, and 3 Eggs)
     - Reminder you can own up to four (4) eggs if you own an Isomara with the Egg Guardian achievement. 
- The Volcanic Island has been named Pelemoku. All items have been added to the Exploration Guide.
- NPC's have been given the new ID backgrounds. These ID backgrounds will only be available towards NPC's currently. Soon all Staff and Beta Tester's Isomara will be given them to test out.
- You can now only take on one errand at a time from Hasha's Hut. If you want to run a new errand you will need to complete your previous one or ask Hasha to disband it.
- The Special Goom purchase option under the item Companion Creation in Hasha's Hut can no longer be gotten through errands. Normal Goom Companion Creation item can still be gotten through errands.
Filler Smoothie option #2 price is now cheaper.
- There is now a 500 cap on stats. Once an Isomara reaches 500 in Flight and Fight they won't be able to gain any more in the stat.
- Plant fibers have been removed from the game. Now Tall Grass can be made straight into string or fertilizer. It can also be used to make accessories if your idea calls for some.
- Isomara now need to be two months old based on their ID uploaded date to court (Originally was only One month).


- Additional Information has been added to the Shaped Pupils Special Trait to account for Isomaras with pupilless eyes.
- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs and Journal Skin errors.

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W0ND3R-L4ND , PeachKeeperLee-Coffee
All of you mentioned happened to court Isomara prior to this update. Becuase of this update, we are allowing you up until November 10th to adopt the eggs you were not able to prior to this update.
However, to adopt the eggs you either need to purchase the eggs for 50 seashells or 5 :points: . If the eggs are not adopted by Nov. 10th, they'll be placed in The Daycare. You may also freely donate them there as well if you do not want to adopt them. 

These are the two eggs from your courtings.
PeachKeeper and Lee-Coffee you two may need to discuss since you two were both involved in the courting together.
Ceren Egg1 by IsomaraIndex Dunday1 by IsomaraIndex