Iso-Island Update 3.3

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Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 3.2 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:

198/198 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)Hasha's Hut is up and running! Why not take a browse at her odd menu of items.8/11 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploadedWe would like to formally announce that Isomara-Island now has an official role-playing website! The Isomara Island ARPG Forums have been created to put more RP back into ARPG. The site itself has plenty of room for you to have as many roleplays as you want. You can role play with as many people as you want or write a story by yourself in our solo section. Also, this forum site is not just for Isomara-Island we support roleplays with other ARPG character

Update notes:

  • 210/212 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings) 
  • Partial Backgrounds seashells bonus has been added to the In-Game Currency journal. 
  • 11/14 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded 
  • Official ID's now have two additional lines of text (ID's are still being updated with this)
    • "Can be trained by others: Y/N". This line of text allows the owners of the Isomara to give permission to other members to allow them to train your Isomara without needing to ask you. By default, all training permissions are set to "N" for "No". If you want to give other users permission to use your Isomara in trainings reply to the Misc. thread on the ID's to change the "N" to a "Y".
    • "Inflictions/Ailments: None" With things like bee stings and scurvy happening more and more due to a larger population of Isomara and players this line of text has been added above the Hunger Meter on ID's. Normally it will say "None". If your Isomara does catch something or is hurt then it will change.
  • Wishful Wednesdays are up and running. Go throw some seashells or items in the well and make a wish!
  • The Summer Shift Event has ended. A Voyager Test will be created for Isomara to gain the Island Hopper achievement and be able to travel outside the home island at a later date. Expect this new activity come update 3.4 
  • You can now overfeed your Isomara. A new level of hunger labeled "Stuffed" has been added to the Hunger Mechanic. You can now overfeed your Isomara all the way to 125/100 HP! The new "stuffed" hunger level provides even better buffs than the "full" level. 
  • A new achievement called Night Stocker has been added that will grant the player half of the items in the exploration when exploring with Pacings, the shopkeeper NPC. Currently, if you include Pacings in an exploration all items get donated to his shop, however, now if you follow the guidelines and gain the achievement for your Isomara they can explore with Pacings and earn 50% of the items found! 
  • Nests can now be made with Ectoplasm or Goo. If ectoplasm is used there is a 5% chance the egg could hatch an Isoling with a bioluminescent special trait!
  • Isoling Growth has been edited and revamped. Misinformation has been fixed/removed and a more detailed way to age up Isolings with literature has been added. Details on Hasha's Growth Enhancer Item have also been included in the journal.


Adult Isomara will now start with 75/100 Hunger (Originally was 50/100) This is still in the range of satisfied.
- Pacings will now no longer do item requests in under 24 hours. If you are looking for an item and need to request Pacings to locate it please give Pacings more than 24 hours/ 1 day to find the item(s).
- Snaggle Tooth, Dual horns, and Bioluminescent special traits have been added to the special traits journal.
- New items have been added to Hasha's Hut. These items are called:

        - Filler Smoothie
        - Growth Enhancer
        - Height Changer
        - Super Height Changer

- Tumbleweeds are now an uncommon item in the desert (originally were common).
- Shovel Shafts have been removed from the game. Shovels can now be crafted directly from any type of wood/bone and a shell or sand dollar.
- The limit of two (2) breeding requests a month has been removed. You can now pair up as many Isomaras as possible for courtship as long as all the necessary requirements have been met. 
- Users who plan to have their Isomara mate may now collaborate on one date picture together, so instead of four dates, there will only be three. 
Member Item lists have been updated with the new exploration items from Pelemoku. 
- The Dyed Maw Special Trait now requires a third piece of art that requires the owner to draw the maw with the new color that is being applied. 


- Minor changes to crafting recipes. 
- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs and Journal Skin errors. 
- The new whap tail has been added to the species trait guide

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