Iso-Island Update 3.2

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 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 3.1 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:

150/151 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)67/67 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal.March is Memic Awareness Month. Memics, large raptor-like birds, are more likely to be encountered on explorations. Successfully fighting or fleeing from them may yield better rewards. Better train up!Isolings only go down ten (10) hunger points every month unlike, Adult Isomara who go down twenty-five (25) hunger pointson the first of every month.Read all about the new active Hunger Mechanic[OPEN] Emoticon Design Contest (Ends March 13th)[OPEN] Isomara DTA Contest! (Ends March 31st)

Update notes:

  • 198/198 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)
  • Hasha's Hut is up and running! Why not take a browse at her odd menu of items.
  • 8/11 Items for Hasha's Hut have been drawn and uploaded
  • We would like to formally announce that Isomara-Island now has an official role-playing website! The Isomara Island ARPG Forums have been created to put more RP back into ARPG. The site itself has plenty of room for you to have as many roleplays as you want. You can role play with as many people as you want or write a story by yourself in our solo section. Also, this forum site is not just for Isomara-Island we support roleplays with other ARPG characters, other original species, and even those random OC's you've created and used that are not tied down on DeviantArt! 
    • Within the website, you can also use the Contact Us page to submit your Isomara RP's/ stories for Seashells, Exploration items, and training stat increases! This way you do not have to submit all your writing onto DeviantART if you do not want to.
    • Website -  (Remember to sign-up and fill out your profile information)
  • Two new special traits have been announced go check out the new Dyed Maw and Tail spike traits!
  • Isomara who are chosen to be the Isomara of the month will get their HP filled to 100/100 as a bonus with the IOM Achievement! (All prior IOM's have had their HP upped to 50/100 due to this update)
  • When ownership of an Isomara changes Adult Isomara's HP will raise to 25/100 if their HP is lower than 25. Isoling HP will raise to 50/100. This is so no new owner has to start with a starving Isomara!


- All Isomara who have been Isomara of the Month have been given the IOM Achievement.
- The +5 ss bonus for drawing the Isomara of the Month has been increased to +10 ss.
- Involving an official groom in any picture or literature now gives a +3 seashell bonus (Originally was +1ss.
    - Do note that gooms will only give explorations bonuses if their companion Isomara is also present.
- Ectoplasm is now able to be found in the Goom infected region. It is Rare.
- Grapes are now uncommon (Previously was rare).
- The price of MYOs for Seashells has been lowered for higher tiered Isoling MYO's at the Daycare.
- Shaped Wings were once a special trait that has now been removed from the game. 
- Purchasable special traits can now be boughten with seashells too.
- Community Isomara (Hasha, Carmen, Darwin) will now not lose HP on the first of the month if they have 50 or less HP. This is so members can use them in trainings and explorations without the slight debuffs.


- The crafting journal now allows comments for suggestions to crafting recipes.
- Pacings' Crafting Counter has been moved to a journal
- The crafting journal has been edited to reflect the new Hasha's Hut and Pacings' Crafting Counter changes.
- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs and Journal Skin errors.
- The species trait guide has been fixed. The tails "stub" and "tuft" were mislabeled.

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