Iso-Island Update 3.0

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We have officially reached v3.0 meaning Isomara-Island is officially out of Alpha and is now in Beta. Now being in Beta testing means that later on, the staff will be looking for active members to beta test new and old systems to give feedback. Keep a look out for that and make sure to read the update notes below.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 2.5 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:
127/130 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)59/70 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal
Breeding is officially released for beta testing!An official Patreon account has been created. Pledge for additional perks and rewards! MYO Contest #3 has ended. Winners have been announced.Check out the skeletal anatomy of an Isomara!
- Rice has been removed from the game. Anyone who had any rice has been given Sugar Cane equal to the amount of rice they owned.

Update notes:

  • 150/150 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)
  • 62/67 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal
  • Isolings can now train for a +2 in a stat!
    • If you have any trainings/pictures/literature with any Isolings in it that you think could qualify as training note IsomaraIndex to see if you can get stats for these.
  • Read all about the new active Hunger Mechanic
  • The Official Goom Species Guide is here
    • Now if you include your goom companion on an exploration you can get more items and a better chance at successfully fighting/fleeing from enemy encounters.
  • An official Patreon account has been created. Pledge for additional perks and rewards! 
  • [OPEN] Emoticon Design Contest


- Orange juice only needs x3 Oranges to craft (Used to be x5 Oranges)
- A Goom +1 ss bonus has been added to the In-game Currency Journal.
- Witch Hazel has decreased in price.
- Can now choose between a MYO or Custom Isomara if you pledge to the Exile or Haven Blessing Reward Tiers on Patreon.


- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs.
- Sizing inconsistency among master list ID's 
- Replaced Old "All Comments Here" Threads on ID's to new multiple comment threads

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