Iso-Island Update 2.3

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 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 2.2 Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
Past Journal:

Update notes:

69/69 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings, and Eggs)
The group's homepage theme has been altered to fit the time of the year. Also, the Discord chat has been "spookified" as well go join our team of ghosts or pumpkins.A new NPC named Carmen has been released she runs the Daycare that Frio works at. She is classified as a community Isomara which means you may use her as if she were your own. You can even train her!Accessories can now be designed and crafted - Accessory Crafting Station58/69 Ite

Update notes:

  • 77/77 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings)
  • The second annual Halloween Extravaganza is here!
  • The Seashells for Isoling Exchange has been revamped intoThe Daycare which is run by Carmen, the community owned NPC, and Frio.
  • 59/69 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal.


- Special Challenges/random events seashell bonus has been relabeled Challenges/Events.
- You now get a +2 Seashell bonus when doing an exploration or Training.
- New Group Icon!  
        Old : Isomara-Island bubble Pop Icon by SlayersStronghold 
        New: New Isomara Island Group Icon by SlayersStronghold
- The crafting recipes to make string, cloth and bandages have been altered to be easier for the community to manufacture.
- Full body seashell bonus has been reduced from 30 seashells per full body to 25 seashells.
- Basic Animation has been reduced from 50 seashells to 40 seashells.


- Question 12 on Slayer's Substantiation has been slightly reworded due to confusion.
- Grammer and spell check errors are being corrected as well as HTML bugs.

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