Iso-Island Update 2.0

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    The game is official out of alpha and is now in beta. Beta testing is a go and below lists all new features, changes, and fixes. 

Past Journal:

Iso-Island Update 1.5Small notice to where we are at in the game development.
  This is the last mini update before we go into Update 2.0!
Past Journal:

Update notes:
55/56 Isomara have been uploaded
 The Fight and Flight Training System has been released everyone now may begin to train their Isomara.49/69 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal.
- The Black Primary Special trait is now not allowed to be bought through MYO Slots.
- Isolings can now be made with MYO Slots. 
- A Hunger Mechanic will be added to the ARPG within the next couple months while the kinks are worked out. The Hunger system will not be functional for some time after though. 
- Confusion with the Black primary trait rarity has been clarified. It rarity is unc

Update notes:

  • 64/64 Isomara have been uploaded (includes Isolings, and Eggs)
  • Pacing's Shop has been released with its own journal.
  • The crafting system has been released. To craft items, you need to go to the Pacing's shop deviation.
  • 53/69 Items for exploration have been drawn and uploaded to the Exploration Journal.
  • The group has been upgraded to being a supergroup. Thank you, everyone, for donating and contributing. 


- Bat ears are now an uncommon trait instead of being rare. The Species Trait Guide has been updated.


- A 300 Seashell Exchange commission widget for 500 :points: ($5) has been readded onto IsomaraIndex 
- An item listing error in the exploration generator code has been fixed. 

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