Iso-Island Update 1.0

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Small notice to where we are at in the game development.

Update notes:

  • 37/47* Isomara have been uploaded 
        *There may be a few more Isomara than this that have not yet been added to the master list
  • Added a commission widget to purchase small amounts of Seashells and Sand Dollars in exchange for points.
  • Roughly half of the exploration items have been given images. Big thanks to solar-prince for helping create these fantastic images.
  • All Classes have been written up and now are being expanded upon. 
  • Pacings's shop is 95% complete, but will not be released until all ID's are on in the IsomaraIndex Index system.


- Special Eyes now are also labeled by a rarity such as common, uncommon. Before they were just given the special rarity although that is not correct.
Two Isomara have fallen back into the hands of the group they will be sold at a later time. One of which has the Dyed White special Trait which will be removed off of it. 
- The symmetry rule will now be lenient as more abstract markings such as spots and complex marbling and stripes are too hard to regulate to be symmetrical. However, if you have a large marking on one side it better be on the other. These Isomara are still to be symmetrical, but drawing is not required to be perfect.
    - ID: 011, 021, 032, and 036 are examples of difficult to regulate markings which won't be given the unsymmetrical special trait. 
Isoling information is being rewritten and how they will grow is being changed/edited


- Small wings on Feral Isomara base have been edited to show more of the back. All Feral Isomara on the base have and currently are being fixed to conform. 

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