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Isomara-Island 's official group chat can be located here:
Isomara Island Discord Chat
If the link does not work the invite code is:


    Text Channels:
        Text channels are organized in categories based upon what role can access what. Roles are explained further down. To summarize, the villager role can access all categories. . 

    🌅 The Boardwalk 🌅
        👋 Welcome - A welcoming channel. All new server members get sent here. You are prompted to give your DeviantArt username, once done your role will be updated and you will be able to access the rest of the server.
        📢 Announcements - For updates and notices. All members are given a Ping role which will alert them to certain announcements. This role can be removed in the ❕ information channel.
         Information - Rules, Information, & Quick links for the Isomara-Island ARPG

    🌴 The Beach 🌴
        🤝 Introductions - Tell us about yourself and familiarize yourself with other members.
        🍹 General - The main/home channel. Any topic can be discussed and talked about here.
        🧡 Supporter Lounge - A general lounge chat for Patrons only as well as a channel to be alerted of new posts on Patreon.
        🎨 Creative Content - Channel for sharing all forms of Art and Literature. Not just for Isomara Island related content. Share art you made and other made.

    🏡 The Village 🏡
        🐉 Iso General - This channel is reserved for members to talk about their Isomara solely. Whether they are seeking relationships with other Isomara, looking for Isos for prompts and events, or looking for some help designing accessories if it is about Isomara you can chat here.
        🏊 Explore-voyage-train - Need a training partner, or want to show off the haul you got from the jungle? Here is where to chat about the big 3 activities
        🏆 Achievements - Help and cheer on others to get achievements, boast about yours
        🛒 Market Bazaar - Iso Island Items for sale/trade only. Looking and selling items post it here!
        🙋 Ask an NPC - Dying to ask one of your favorite Isomara NPC's a personal question? Ask it and get it answered in art form!

    💎 The Caverns 💎
        🎶 Music n Vids - Share your taste in music, interesting video tutorials, funny clips, let's plays, and other video content.
        😍 Fandom Fanatics - Channel to talk about and show off your love for movies, games, books, fandoms, and other DeviantART groups. You can post and show off designs or just chat.
        🐕 Lively Photos - For pictures of pets, nature, wholesome memes, and light-hearted conversations about these photos
        🤣 Funnies - Memes, Funny comics, photos, and other laughable content. Keep it tame!
        💰 Advertisements - Used to post links to sales, journals, streaming links. request people to show things for requests, etc.
    • Please do not actively post "Looking for" and "Seeking" character posts if they do not pertain to Isomaras. If you are looking for a certain species try other group advertisements.
    • Targeting specific users/groups of people for a specific character type or design can be seen as rude, please do not target and instead publicly create a journal then post it.

          🏨 Community Hall 🏨
              ❔ Questions n Answers - A channel for questions about the APRG, Species, and discord. Please do not answer the questions. Only NPC's should be answering questions.
              💭 Suggestion Box - This channel is for suggestions/feedback/idea/and general thoughts/concerns. Anything can be suggested/ commented on from items, to designs, activities, events, incorrect links, grammar, dislikes, likes, etc.
              💬 Community Chatter - A chat for pure community based speculation, discussion, wants, criticism, positive remarks, and anything you'd like to mention about the Isomara Island ARPG and its species.

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