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068 - Carmen {NPC}


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Carmen is the head caretaker at The Daycare. She takes in abandoned Isolings and unhatched eggs.
Carmen also runs the Fabrication Station where you can go create various accessories.

{Rules for using Carmen}

Whether you own an Isomara or not you may...
 - Use Carmen in specific events/prompts that allow her
 - Draw/Write using Carmen to earn yourself Seashells and items
 - Draw her to help you get acquainted with Isomara anatomy  or just for fun!
 - Since she is a community NPC this means that any person may train her!

Name: Carmen || Gender: Female || Stance: Feral

ID: 068
Owner: Community
Breed: Standard Isomara
Age: Adult
Height: 4' 8''

Inflictions/Ailments: None
Hunger: Full (95/100)

Personality: Passionate and proud. Carmen always speaks her mind with a bold loud tone. She does not know the meaning of the word whisper. However, she can silence herself around sleepy Isolings. Carmen has a heart of gold and all she wants in life is to make sure all Isolings get to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.
July 22nd, 2016 after being away from the daycare for a few days to visit an old friend she had found out about the lost egg. Frio got an earful from her. 
    - November 1st, 2016 A mysterious egg was given to Carmen and Frio to look after. Later this egg hatched into D001 - Deus.
    - On April 23rd, 2017 a rather large party of seven Isomara went out to explore the caverns up in the mountains hoping to find a lost egg. Carmen was quite startled to find themselves apart of a minor rock slide during the trip. None of the Isomara were hurt thankfully.

Can be Trained by Others: Y/N

  Bullet; Yellow Uncommon Uni Horn
  Bullet; Yellow Uncommon Bat Ears
  Bullet; Yellow Uncommon Stub Tail
  Bullet; Green Common Eyes
  - Small Wings (Swimmer)

Bullet; Purple Special Traits:  None

Stat Pool: (2/108)
    Fight - 52
    Flight - 54

        Bullet; Blue Flight Training (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Flight Training Collab (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Fight Training Collab (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Flight Training (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Fight Training (+4)
        Bullet; Blue Dragon Fruit (+10)
        Bullet; Blue Trio of Trainees, p1 (+40)
        Bullet; Blue Trio of Trainees, p2 (+40)
        Bullet; Blue Memic Awareness Month Bonus Reward (+2)

Class: ---
    Level - 0

------------------------------------------ FFF: Unknown
----------------- FF: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FFM: Unknown
Father: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FMF: Unknown
----------------- FM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FMM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFF: Unknown
----------------- MF: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFM: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFF: Unknown
----------------- MM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MMM: Unknown

Children: None
Siblings: None

    Goom (0/2) -
    Blepper (0/2) -
    Memora (0/2) -
    Memic (0/1) -
    - None
    - None
    - None
    - LOCKED
    - LOCKED

068 by IsomaraIndex Careful Coexistance by IsomaraIndex
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