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061 - Minette



Name: Minette || Gender: Female || Stance: Anthro

ID: 061
Owner: Anarchisme 
Breed: Standard Isomara
Age: Adult
Height: 6'6''

Inflictions/Ailments: None
Hunger: Satisfied (50/100)

Personality: ---
History: In the silent morning hours of the 7th of August, 2016 this Isoling hatched from its egg. It whimpered and whined in a series of "Arwoos". Frio rushed to the Isolings tiny nest and took her out of her nest and groomed her. He then took her into his arms and held her, cradling her near his fluffy mane until they both fell asleep for the rest of the night.

Can be Trained by Others: Y/N
Isoling & Egg Reference:

  Bullet; Green Common Horns
  Bullet; Yellow Uncommon Bat Ears
  Bullet; Yellow Uncommon Stub Tail
  Bullet; Green Common Normal Eyes
  - Large Wings (Flyer)

Bullet; Purple Special Traits: None

Stat Pool: (0/26)
    Fight - 10
    Flight - 16

        Bullet; Blue Flight Training (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Flight Training (+3)
        Bullet; Blue Dragon Fruit (+10)
        Bullet; Blue Dragon Fruit (+10)

Class: ---
    Level - 0

------------------------------------------ FFF: Unknown
----------------- FF: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FFM: Unknown
Father: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FMF: Unknown
----------------- FM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ FMM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFF: Unknown
----------------- MF: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFM: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MFF: Unknown
----------------- MM: Unknown
------------------------------------------ MMM: Unknown

Children: None
Siblings: None

Companion: ---
    - None
    - None
    - None
    - LOCKED
    - LOCKED

          Island Hopper by IsomaraIndex Patreon Supporter by IsomaraIndex Bookies Boon by IsomaraIndex Guilty Glutton by IsomaraIndex
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