The Daycare

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The Daycare

Two Isomara are seen sitting together, one is holding an egg while the other tends to a couple of Isolings. Their names are Carmen and Frio and many years ago they started an orphanage for lost and abandoned eggs and Isolings. Here they take care of them till they hatch, get adopted, or grow up.

    Eggs and Companions have a set adoption fee of a short story or artwork along with ss or currency while each individual Isoling has a different art/literature requirement and fee for adoption. You may not adopt any eggs from the daycare if you already own an Isomara egg.

    To adopt an egg or Isoling you must first claim them over on the Claim Thread, once your claim has been approved you'll have 48 hours to complete the requirements. If you do not complete the requirements in the time allotted you'll need to wait 24 hours before trying to claim another egg or Isoling. Once all requirements have been met reply to the approved claim thread to finalize the adoption. You may not claim more than one egg or isoling at a time.

    You can also donate eggs and Isolings to the Daycare. Comment in the Donate Thread. All donated characters will be put up right away for adoption.


    If the egg has a [H] next to its name then it has been claimed and is on hold to be adopted

There are currently no eggs available for adoption. Please come back later!

600 seashells or $3/300 :points: and must include a 250+ word story or draw a colored full body or bust of Frio or Carmen with the egg

FTOs may adopt any egg for only 200 seashells or $1/100 :points: (along with the art/literature requirement)
First Time Owners (FTOs) are users who have never owned an Isomara they are able to adopt eggs and isolings at a discount.


    If the Isoling has a [H] next to the name then it has claimed and is on hold to be adopted

There are currently no Isolings available for adoption. Please come back later!


FTOs may adopt any Isoling for only 600 seashells / $3/ 300 :points: (along with the art/literature requirement)


    Just recently Frio was able to persuade Carmen into also taking in small companions like Gooms and Bleppers into the Daycare.
    If the companion has a [H] next to the name then it has claimed and is on hold to be adopted

1. G020 - Vaporwave
Species: Goom
Image:  G020 - Vaporwave by IsomaraIndex

2.G046 - Lava
Species: Goom
G046 - Lava by IsomaraIndex

400 seashells or $3/300 :points: and must include a 200+ word story or draw a colored full body or bust of the companion with any Isomara(doesn't need to be owned by you).

Daycare F.A.Q.

Q. Will there be more Isolings and Eggs to adopt?
A. Of course, the Daycare is updated randomly or when events happen and Carmen and Frio find new eggs and Isolings, so check back to see if more were uploaded.

Q. Can I do the art/literature requirement before claiming an Isoling or Egg?
A. Yes, but take note that if someone claims it before you then they will get first dibs on it even though you already did the art/lit for it.

Q. Is there a limit to how many Isolings and Eggs we can own?
A. Yes and no, each person may only own five (5) eggs. You can own as many Isolings and Isomara as you'd like!

Q. How do I hatch my Isomara egg and grow up my Isoling into an adult?
A. You can learn how to do both those things by reading these journals: Hatching an Isomara Egg and  Isoling Growth

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Comment Here if you wish to claim an Egg or Isoling
   - Make sure to name which one you want to claim to put on hold.
   - Reply back in your same comment chain to confirm the adoption once you have the payment and the requirements are complete.