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What is a MYO?

  A MYO or Make Your Own is an alternate way to get your own character of a species. Instead of purchasing a pre-made design, you can pay for the right to make your own character designed by yourself. This allows you to make it how you like and also you can alter the design and have more rights to it than the ones which are designed by guest artists. 

Make sure to read everything below and be familiar with all the information on the Island InhabitantsIsomara Trait Guide, and Isomara Species Information journals.
You can purchase MYO slots here with PayPal, Points, or with In-Game Currency (Seashells).

Bullet; Blue Isomara are symmetrical. If you split them in half down the middle the markings, patterns, and colors should be the same on each side (we are lenient on this rule if it's a natural marking like a cats mackerel coat or a lot of various sized spots). An Isomara can be unsymmetrical if they have the unsymmetrical Special Trait.
Bullet; Blue There are Special Traits called Dyed Whites and Dim Primary. When trying to make dark grey/black colored Isos or ones with colored manes and horns, keep in mind this is not normal for the species. Please read over those as those traits cannot be used on a slot unless the slot has those special traits.
Bullet; Blue You may make an Isoling (child Isomara) or an adult Isomara. If you make an Isoling you need a reference of them with and without their full-body mane.
Bullet; Blue You are completely allowed to add scars, remove scars, and remove parts of limbs at will without the need of any items as it is a customization and character development aspect. Impairments on an Isomara's body in the ARPG is something you may fully edit whenever you'd like, but you will need to make custom accessories if you'd like to have a prosthetic (Custom Accessories can be approved over at Carmen's Fabrication Station)
Bullet; Blue Head hair is allowed to be added on to Isomara MYO slots and can be any length and styled with simple clips and hair ties without taking up any accessory/inventory slots
Bullet; Blue When making an Adult Standard Isomara you must decide whether its stance will be anthro or feralswimmer or flyer wing type is your choice as well. Gender and height can also be decided by you (Need to abide by [average heights] unless you have a [super height changer] item).
Bullet; Blue When you finish making your MYO submit it your, and reply to the MYO Approvals thread on the Import Edits, so it can be approved.

Additional Information:

Bullet; Blue Everyone gets one (1) free makeover, so if you happen to not like the MYO after you've designed it and it's official, you may give it a makeover (You may have someone else create/remake your MYO) - Redesigning Your MYO Isomara
Bullet; Blue MYO slots expire after 12 months of purchase; if it does expire you can renew it here - MYO Slot Expiration
Bullet; Blue You may resell a MYO slot for more than what you bought it for. If you won a MYO slot in a contest/event or got it for free you may sell/trade it however you see fit. You may not sell/ trade an expired MYO slot. 


    $1 = 100 :points: = 200 Seashells

Standard Isomara MYOs
:bulletgreen: Common MYO Slot - $3
:bulletyellow: Uncommon Slot - $5
:bulletorange: Rare MYO Slot - $7

Ultra Standard Isomara MYOs
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Uncommon Ultra Slot - $10
:bulletblue::bulletorange: Rare Ultra MYO Slot - $15

:bulletpurple: 1 Special Trait - $1 for a RNG roll.
:bulletpurple: 1 Special Trait - $5 for a specific trait 

Goom/Blepper MYOs
:bulletgreen: Common MYO Slot - $2
:bulletyellow: Uncommon Slot - $3
:bulletorange: Rare MYO Slot - $4

Ultra Goom/Blepper MYOs
:bulletblue: Ultra MYO Slot - $10

:bulletpurple: 1 Special Trait - $1 for a RNG roll.
Special traits for gooms include multi limb, multi-antenna, wings, and double tail)

Duestrum Isomara MYOs
:bulletgreen: Common MYO Slot - $7
:bulletyellow: Uncommon Slot - $10
:bulletorange: Rare MYO Slot - $15

Ultra Duestrum Isomara MYOs
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Uncommon Ultra Slot - $20
:bulletblue::bulletorange: Rare Ultra MYO Slot - $25

:bulletpurple: 1 Special Trait - $2 for a RNG roll.
:bulletpurple: 1 Special Trait - $7 for a specific trait

Memic MYO
:bulletblue: Memic MYO Slot - $4
(Memics do not have any trait rarity)

Note: Patreon Pledgers get 50% off all MYOs whether buying with Points, PayPal, or Seashells!


:bulletgreen: Common MYO Slot:
- One completely common Isomara or Isoling (or Goom/Blepper/Memic)
- All traits must be common according to the rarity chart on the Isomara trait guide or Goom Species Guide.

:bulletyellow: Uncommon MYO Slot:
- One Isomara or Isoling (or Goom/Blepper) with 1 uncommon trait of your choice
- The rest of the traits must be common

:bulletorange: Rare MYO Slot:
- One Standard Isomara or Isoling (or Goom/Blepper) with 1 rare trait of your choice 
- All other traits must be common
:bulletpurple: Special Traits
- Option 1: Allows you one randomly rolled birth special trait (There are six birth special traits)
- Option 2: Pick any one special trait you want (includes birth special traits and earnable ones)

:bulletblue: Ultra MYO Slot:
- Ultra slots allow you to use as many traits of that rarity that the slot is specified.
- Ultra Goom and Blepper myo slots allow you to choose as many rare and uncommon traits.
    Example1: An Uncommon Ultra Isomara slot lets you choose as many uncommon traits as you want for your Isomara myo.
    Example2: A Rare Ultra Isomara slot lets you choose as many rare and/or as many uncommon traits as you'd like.

Things to keep in mind before choosing one of these choices above:
1. If you choose to have uncommon horns you do not need to have common horns. As long as an Isomara has, at least, one of the horn choices it is fine.
2. You may choose to have two uncommon horn types if you buy two uncommon traits. Also, common horns are optional if you have another horn type on them.
3. If you get an uncommon trait and choose to have front arms fins that automatically makes your Isomara a swimmer as front arm fins are uncommon for swimmers and rare for flyers. 
4. If you have no idea what #3 was talking about read the species trait guide and the info card Swimmers Vs. Flyers

Comment Here to purchase a MYO slot.

Upgrading MYO Slots

If you own a MYO slot currently you may also upgrade it at any time. Upgrading MYO's allow you to purchase traits later on.
Head over to the Import Edits journal if you wish to upgrade your MYO Slot.


Q. Can my MYO be related to another Isomara?
A. No, making an Isomara biologically related to another could cause issues if either Isomara were transferred to someone else.

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