Isomara Courtship

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Isomara Courtship

    "It is common for Isomara to have multiple mates over their lifetime. Isomara often choose mates based on strong bonds, and some only court other Isomara who are skilled and well-trained. 
    Once they have eyes on a mate, each Isomara will search for a precious gem to give to the other and cherish. They will then work together to build a nest.  
    Isomara mating season is year-round, with courtships more commonly occurring in the cooler months as other Isos will try to find someone to share warmth with." - Isomara Species Information

General Courtship Information

- Players may submit as many courtships as they want a month
- Each Isomara can court only twice a month
- Only Adult Isomara can participate in courtship
- Items can only be used once. Once used, the items will be removed from the owner's inventories
- Inbreeding is not supported in this ARPG. Isomara who show up in each other's lineage or as children or siblings on an import cannot court together
- If your Isomara is suffering from an Infliction or Ailment, they will not be able to court
- Each Isomara pair will only produce one egg unless the two Isomara have different owners. If that is the case, then two eggs will be laid. Both player names will be labeled as owners of the eggs (if on the official website the eggs will randomly be assigned to each owner)
Fertility Wax can be used to produce two eggs instead of one (only can be used if you own both Isomara in the courtship)

Passing Down Traits

Only certain traits will be noticeable when eggs are laid. Traits that can be noticed in an egg include the special traits: Dim Primary, No Scent, and Radiant. All other traits will not be known until the egg is hatched.
The color and markings of eggs are sometimes dependent on the parents. There is a 3 in 4 chance for the egg to have similar colors to one or both parents and a 1 in 4 chance of completely random colors. This goes for markings as well: 1 in 4 for random markings and 3 in 4 for markings similar to one or both parents. 

All other traits are passed depending on the parents' traits, which is explained more in Hatching an Isomara Egg.
TIP: Using a Prisma Diamond in a courtship guarantees the offspring will have at least one random Special Trait.

When an Isomara looks at a potential mate, it will get to know each other by going on dates. Dates are planned arrangements for when the Isomara will spend time together. These dates can be anywhere from a fishing trip to having a meal, sharing each other's company in a particular spot, etc.

Date Requirements

    Bullet; Green Each player involved in the courtship needs to create one date for the two Isomara
            - You may collaborate on the date, meaning only one date total instead of two total if you and someone else are courting Isomara together
            - If you are courting two of your own Isomara, you only need one date total
    Bullet; Green Dates may be digital, traditional, or a written story
        - Art must include both Isomara at least 50% visible, colored and have at least a simple background
        - Literature must be at least 500 words long
        - You may do "AU" or Alternate Universe versions of your Isomara for dates
            Ex. Draw both of your Isomaras as anthros or humans going to the movies or at a fancy restaurant as if they lived in our world is completely allowed!
    Bullet; Green Dates cannot double as explorations, trainings, or any other activity, game, or event entry.
All dates need to be submitted to the date folder within the group.

   Once the two are familiar with each other they will go search for a precious gem to gift each other. When each has their gift and exchanges it, they will remain together and make a nest.

[0] Amethyst by IsomaraIndex [I] Prisma Diamond by IsomaraIndex [I] Nest by IsomaraIndex

Other Courtship related Items

    Bullet; Green Two gems are needed per courtship. Gems that can be used for courtship are TopazRubySapphireEmeraldAmethyst, and Prisma Diamonds.
    Bullet; Green Nests can only be used once per courtship. Once the courtship request has gone through the nest is removed from the owner's inventory. To craft a nest head to Pacings' Crafting Station.


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