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Your stomach begins to growl after a long adventure. Better go eat something to satisfy your hankering.

    Hunger is a mechanic that can enhance the gameplay of the Isomara-Island ARPG. All Isomara have a hunger meter. 
    The effects of hunger are minor and you do not need to keep your Isomara fully fed to participate in most activities and events. Be aware, though, that the level of hunger can give you buffs and debuffs to activities & events.

What is Hunger?

    The hunger meter can be seen on every official Isomara ID in IsomaraIndex 
    All ID's have a format similar to this one below:

Breed: --- Isomara
Age: [Child or Adult]
Height: [4'0'' - 6'11'']

Inflictions/Ailments: None
Hunger: [Stuffed, Full, Satisfied, Peckish, Starving] (#/100)

    Within this section of the ID, there is "Hunger" and listed next to it either stuffed, full, satisfied, peckish or starving. These represent how hungry the Isomara is. 
    The five levels of hunger - stuffed, full, satisfied, peckish, and starving - all have number values to represent the level of fullness.

Stuffed       (101+)
Full             (76-100)
Satisfied     (50-75)
Peckish       (25-49)
Starving      (0-24)

    All Isomara start out with a hunger level of Satisfied. When an Isomara has in-between 50-75 Hunger points they are satisfied. They will get no buffs or debuffs. 
    Peckish, 25-49 HP, means your Isomara is hungry. The debuffs to peckish are very minor. 
    Starving, 0-24 HP, means just what it sounds like. Your Isomara is hungry and will be a little exhausted while exploring and training. Your Isomara just doesn't have the energy to give its all. The debuffs for a starving Isomara are a bit more than that of a Peckish one.
    Full, 76-100 HP grants your Isomara positive buffs! They have plenty more energy to spend and can work harder in training and spend more time out exploring
    Lastly, Stuffed, 101+ means when an Isomara's hunger is above 100. Once an Isomara reaches 'Stuffed' they will get better buffs than they would when just full.

What does Hunger effect?

    Hunger mainly effects Exploration and Training. Hunger typically only affects those two activities, but at times can also change rolls and outcomes in events and also prompts.
        Stuffed - Positive buffs!
            +2 stat gain bonus to training   
            +10% chance of finding items. (Common, Uncommon, and Rare items all become more likely to be found while exploring)
            +2 Modifier to rolls when in an encounter. (Fighting or fleeing from Island Inhabitants)

        Full - Positive buffs!
            +1 stat gain bonus to training  
            +5% chance of finding items. (Common, Uncommon, and Rare items all become more likely to be found while exploring)
            +1 Modifier to rolls when in an encounter. (Fighting or fleeing from Island Inhabitants)

        Satisfied - No buffs

        Peckish - Debuffs
            -5% chance of finding items. (Uncommon and Rare items all become little less likely to be found while exploring.
            -1 Modifier to rolls when in an encounter. (Fighting or fleeing from Island Inhabitants)
        Starving - Debuffs
            -1 stat gain bonus to training 
            -10% chance of finding items. (Common, Uncommon, and Rare items all become little less likely to be found while exploring) 
            -2 Modifier to rolls when in an encounter.  (Fighting or fleeing from Island Inhabitants)

Slayer's Tidbit by SlayersStronghold

How does a hunger meter decrease and increase?

    Now that you know the buffs and debuffs an Isomara can have based on their hunger meter, you can learn how to make sure they are well fed. 
    An Isomara's hunger decreases based on how active they are. If your Isomara is sent on an activity such as a training or exploration their meter will decrease. Meters can also decrease when consuming certain edible items, such as a Gender Remedy or Ink. consumables that decrease hunger typically have other potential benefits though. Aside from items, events could also trigger an additional hunger decrease. 

Activities & Amount of Hunger Lost per one submission:
    Exploration: -10 hunger per
    Training: -5 hunger per
    Voyaging: -15 hunger per
    Prompt Pavilion: -3 hunger per

    Now to increase your Isomara's hunger you need to have them eat. Go to their official ID, and request you'd like to have them eat [insert amount of items]. Please reply to their Consumption comment thread on their ID. Once you comment wanting them to eat an item and the amount, you'll get a reply with their new hunger level. 
You, may feed other player's Isomara, but we suggest asking/ getting permission first. We highly recommend tagging them in your comment so they know. You may also feed the NPC's if you'd like. 
    Community NPC's will not be able to drop below Satisfied (50/100). If you plan to use a community NPC for an exploration or a training, feel free to feed them more to reach the next hunger level and gain buffs. 

    To view how many hunger points each item has you can go to the item list or go to the item folder in the IsomaraIndex gallery. Each item will list if they can be eaten and how many hunger points the item is worth.


[0] Dragon Fruit by IsomaraIndex

Rarity: Legendary
Location: ???

    Consumption                (Edible: Yes!)
        +50 Hunger Points    (Hunger Points if x1 is eaten)
 (Additional things that happen if eaten)        
        +10 Stat Gain
         Instantly heal any infliction/ailment    

Worth: 1,000   seashell by catluvr2 (Sell for 500 Seashells)

 Hunger F.A.Q.

Q. Can I have my Isomara eat past the full hunger level?
A. Yes, once your Isomara has 100/100 it is full. You can go beyond 100 and your Isomara will be stuffed, there is no max HP!

Q. Can Isomara faint or die if not fed?
A. An Isomara can never die and they will not get hurt if they are not fed. Debuffs will be the only things applied to hungry Isomara and positive buffs to well-fed ones.

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