Hasha's Hut

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Hashas Hut Interior by SlayersStronghold

Hasha's Hut

Knocking on the frame of the open front door you then lean over and look into the hut. The one window in the back was covered with palm fronds allowing near no light in. When you peer in you see a purple Isomara sitting at a stump. Her name is Hasha, she calls herself a witch doctor, one who delves into odd spiritual and divine magical aspects of life. A lot of the things she creates baffle most. You may think it's cool. You may think it's just plain weird, however, either way some of the things she creates are very useful to the species and the community.
"Hello?" You snap back into reality. You see Hasha looking at you confused. You walk in and sit at her stump across from her. You then inquire into the items Hasha has. She hands you a piece of parchment with a written menu with some scribbles.

Hasha is a witch doctor she creates many odd items that are considered a luxury to most. 
She offers up her skills and uses items you provide to create new and whimsical concoctions.

To procure items from Hasha make sure to list the item(s) and the quantity you wish as well as which price option. Price option #1 is normally the crafting recipe. Price option #2 is so you can purchase the item with In-Game Currency. Hasha will then confirm with you and you will then be given the item(s). Make sure to comment in the Crafting/Purchase thread.

Menu List

All products listed below can either be purchased with In-Game Currency or crafted with items.
If you cannot afford either options ask Hasha to run an errand for her. Be warned her requests are not always easy. More information below.

Quince Fruit
Price Option #1: Flowering Quince x2
Price Option #2: 50  seashell by catluvr2

Hair Mousse
Price Option #1: Goo x1 + Kelp x3 + Witch Hazel x1 + Coconut Shell x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 & 100  seashell by catluvr2

Hair Removal Rub
Price Option #1: Goo x1 + Honey x1 + Lemon x1 + Coconut Shell x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 & 100  seashell by catluvr2

Horn Gel
Price Option #1: Goo x1 + Eggshells x15Witch Hazel x2 + Coconut Shell x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 & 125  seashell by catluvr2

Incubation Quickener
Price Option #1: Coconut Water x1Aloe Vera x1 Witch Hazel x1 + Coconut Shell x1 + Grapes x6 + Goo x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x2 & 150  seashell by catluvr2

Stance Alteration Agent
Price Option #1: Coconut Meat x2 + Aloe Vera x6Witch Hazel x3 + Coconut Shell x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x3 & 200  seashell by catluvr2

Growth Enhancer
    Consume for -5 Hunger points
        (Causes Joint Pain & 20% chance to cause Upset Stomach).
    An edible treat with the consistency of pudding. Eating this will cause an Isoling to hit a growth spurt. (Use when you submit a grow up request!)
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 &  400  seashell by catluvr2

Height Changer
    Consume for -5 Hunger point (Causes Joint Pain).
    Causes you Isomara to grow or shrink in size. (Upon consuming please list how tall you want the Isomara to be has to be inbetween 4'0'' and 6'11''

Price Option #1: Honey x1 + Apple x1Witch Hazel x1 + Sugar Cane x1
Price Option #2: 150  seashell by catluvr2

Super Height Changer
    Consume for -10 Hunger points (Causes joint pain).
    Causes you Isomara to rapidly grow or shrink in size. This allows your Isomara to have dwarfism or gigantism (Upon consuming please list how tall you want the Isomara to be has to be inbetween 3'0'' - 3'11'' or 7'0'' - 8'11'')

Price Option #1: Honey x1 + Apples x3 + Witch Hazel x5 + Sugar Cane x1
Price Option #2: 350  seashell by catluvr2

Gender Remedy
Price Option #1: Fresh Water x1Witch Hazel x5 + Sugar Cane x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 & 125  seashell by catluvr2

Dye Removal Shampoo
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x2 & 200  seashell by catluvr2

Filler Smoothie
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x3 & 750  seashell by catluvr2

Fertility Wax
Price Option #1: Honeycomb x2 + Fresh Water x1 + Any Fish x1 + Witch Hazel x2
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x4 & 450  seashell by catluvr2

Bonding Certificate
Price Option #1: Eggshells x20 + Feathers x10 + Teeth x1 + Moss x5 + Bone x1Witch Hazel x5
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x4 & 500  seashell by catluvr2

Companion Creation
Price Option #1: 
1. Ectoplasm x3Goo x4Witch Hazel x10 + Squid x1 (Special Goom)
2. Goo x4 + Witch Hazel x10 + Squid x1(Normal Goom)
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x5 & 650  seashell by catluvr2 (Normal Goom)

Prisma Diamond
Price Option #1: 
    1. Diamond x1 + Any Gems x3 (EmeraldRubySapphireTopazAmethyst)
    2. Diamond x1 + Any Ores x5 (Copper, SilverTurquoise, Gold Obsidian)
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x7 & 700  seashell by catluvr2

Reversal Dust
Price Option #1: 
    1. Sand x3 + Coral x5 + Coconut Meat x1 + Pearl x2
    2. Sand x3 + Coral x5 + Coconut Meat x1 + Black Pearl x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x5 & 500  seashell by catluvr2

Realign Elixir
Price Option #1: 
    Fresh Water x2 + Witch Hazel x1 + Flowering Quince x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1 & 100  seashell by catluvr2

Mystery Candy
Price Option #1: Any Specter Fruits x3
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x2 & 250  seashell by catluvr2

Ultra Mystery Candy
Price Option #1: Mystery Candy x3
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x3 & 300  seashell by catluvr2

Black Pearl
Price Option #1: Fresh Water x1 + Pearl x1 + Obsidian x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x1

Price Option #1: 
    1. Complex Dye x1 + Goo x1
    2. Simple Dye x1 + Ink x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x2

Camo Scrub
Price Option #1: 
    1.  Skrill x100 + Simple Dye x1 + Goo x1 + Coconut Water x1 +  Honey x1 + Sugar Cane x1
    2. Jumbo Skrill x1 + Simple Dye x1 + Goo x1 + Coconut Water x1 + Honey x1 + Sugar Cane x1
Price Option #2: Sand Dollar x10

Payment Option #3: Errand Running

Hasha sits there staring at you as you browse her menu of items.   
    "If you cannot afford what you want you can always do a small errand for me," She smiles and winks at you. "I don't always have time to leave my hut, so every bit of help counts."

    If you want an Item in exchange for doing an errand for Hasha reply to the errand runner thread.
NOTE: As of Update 3.3 you cannot run an errand for the Special Goom. You'll need to earn the items or currency.

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Comment here if you wish to craft/purchase an item(s).
   Make sure to say if you are crafting with option 1 or purchasing with option 2
   If crafting (option 1) also link one Isomara of yours so may count it toward things like class work or achievements