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Slayer's Substantiation

    Anyone may answer this questionnaire at any time. 
    This game can only be completed once per player.

    Do not reply and answer to the questions in this journal, the Discord chat, or any other public place. 
Instead, if you want to answer these submit all the answers as a note to the Isomara-Island group.
When submitting the note all questions need to be answered. If there are any questions left unanswered they are incorrect and it will cost one of your three chances, so make sure to answer all the questions even if you don't know one answer. You can always have another try to fix the questions that are wrong. 

Once the note has been sent and your test evaluated you will be told what questions you missed. You may reply to the note to correct your incorrect answers, using your second chance. If again you have any wrong then you may use your last chance to fix them.


Rewards are based on how many chances it took for you to answer all the questions correctly.

1st Chance

with 100% correct

x100 Seashells    x1 Sand Dollar    x2 Mystery Candy
[0] Seashells by IsomaraIndex [0] Sand Dollar by IsomaraIndex [I] Mystery Candy by IsomaraIndex

2nd Chance

with 100% correct

x50 Seashells    x1 Mystery Candy
[0] Seashells by IsomaraIndex [I] Mystery Candy by IsomaraIndex

3rd Chance

with 100% correct

x25 Seashells

4+ Chances

If you cannot get 100% in three chances you will receive a small amount of seashells for participating.
Feel free to keep submitting if you want to get all the correct answers.

x10 Seashells
[0] Seashells by IsomaraIndex

1. An Isomara's short body fur is much like that of?

    a)    A wolf
    b)    An otter
    c)    A horse
    d)    A Beaver

2. What type of shells do you find in the desert?

    a)    Eggshells
    b)    Seashells
    c)    Turtle shells
    d)    Both b and c
    e)    All of the above

3. What sounds do Isomara make?

    a)    Arooth, Aroo
    b)    Yipp, Yipe
    c)    Woof, Bork
    d)    Woop, Awoooop

4. How many Isomara civilizations are there on the island?

    a)    22
    b)    16
    c)    19
    d)    21

5. What do Memic use to disguise themselves as Isomara?

    a)    Paint
    b)    Moss & Berries
    c)    Leaves & Sticks
    d)    Saliva

6. Which achievement allows an Isomara to join the Isoling club?

    a)    Maze Runner
    b)    Making Friends
    c)    Spirited Seeker
    d)    You Tried

7. What happens if you get a 2nd Offence punishment?

    a)    Temporary Ban for one week
    b)    Temporary Ban for one month
    c)    You will receive a warning
    d)    You'll lose 50% of your seashell balance
    e)    Both a and d
    f)    Both b and d
    g)    Both c and d

8. Do Isomara have a lisp?

    a)    Yes
    b)    No

9. What color is the sand on the Goom Infected Island?

    a)    Blue
    b)    Green
    c)    Teal
    d)    Yellow

10. Flyer Isomara have webbing in between their claws.

    True or False

11. To craft, you must go see Slayer, the tour guide.  

    True or False

12. Pacings, the shopkeeper, will go explore for the item(s) you want him to stock up on.

    True or False

13. Owning a Memic Egg means you are more prone to Memic attacks.

    True or False

14. What item does not cure Splinters?

    a)    Dragon Fruit
    b)    Ectoplasm
    c)    Moss
    d)    Aloe Vera

15. For a standard breed Isoling to grow up into an adult through affection how old must it be?

    a)    3 Months
    b)    2 Months
    c)    1 Month
    d)    1 Week

16. How do Isomara get Black Scleras?

    a)    They squeeze the ink from squids then carefully dye the whites of their eyes.
    b)    An Isomara must be exiled then other Isomara dyes its fur and it's scleras.
    c)    They must be born with the special trait.
    d)    An Isomara must have been affected by a tragic event. Such as a loved one passing, away or by being in a near death situation.

17. What do Isomara smell like when wet?

    a)    Dog
    b)    Flowers
    c)    Mud
    d)    Chocolate

Substantiation F.A.Q.

So the first time I submit my answers is the first chance?
A. Yes, then you get two chances to fix your mistakes.

Q. Will new questions be added later on?
A. No, this is so this never gets tougher for newer members. Questions may change or get updated as the game progresses to keep up with updates.

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