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Darwin Doodle by SlayersStronghold

Darwin's Delivery Service

"Hello! What a nice day for a whiz around the sky. Don't you think so?" The Golden Isomara giggles as he fixes the placement of his cap.

    Darwin the NPC is here to make all your lives easier! Why go travel for miles to give a few items to a friend when you have better things to do? Just give your items and seashells to Darwin and he'll deliver them for you!
    Darwin is a spunky Isomara who enjoys traveling and bringing smiles to Isomara all over. He goes from settlement to settlement taking and delivering goods to others. With him, he brings a handmade belt that has many different sized pouches fastened on crudely.

This journal is for the transfer of items and seashells to other members of Isomara-Island ARPG.
    Using this service does have a tax. To transfer any amount of items or seashells it will cost 5 seashell by catluvr2 or 1 :points: from the senders balance each time a new item transfer request is sent.

If you have an item(s) or currency you would like to transfer to another user use the form below:

    Item(s): ---
    Seashell Amount: ---
    Receiver: ---
    Shipping Tax: (5 Seashells or 1 point)

Example #1:

        - 1 Apple
        - 3 Cotton
    Seashell Amount: 50ss 
    Receiver: @ Username
    Shipping Tax: 5 Seashells

Example #2:

    Item(s): 27 Tall Grass and 1 Goom Companion
    Seashell Amount: 0
    Receiver: @ Username
    Shipping Tax: 1 :points: 

Example #3:

    Item(s): Lemons x2, Rocks x4, Berries x13
    Seashell Amount: 672 ss
    Receiver: @ Username
    Shipping Tax: 5ss

Like the examples above you can format the items and content however you please, just make sure to fill out all the information.


Q. Can I transfer Isomaras through the Delivery Service?
A. No, All Isomara including Isolings and Eggs need to be transferred through a comment on the Isomara's official ID or through a note to IsomaraIndex 

Q. Can I gift companions to other users through Darwin's Delivery Service?
A. Yes, just consider the companion as another item and use the form required.

Q. Can I send items to multiple people in one comment?
A. No, We would prefer completely separate comments when transferring items to other members.

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