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Emoticon Design Contest Conclusion

Thank you to everyone who entered.
All of the entries are now in our Discord Server for everyone to use! 
If you made an emote and would like to edit/redo it for the server just note Isomara-Island for the updated version.

Now to award our winners. Winners you say? Well yes, seems our judges like two peoples entries so now we have a second place winner.

1st Place goes to shastasaffor

Nervous Pacings by shastasaffor Wink Gossamer by shastasaffor Question Mark Darwin by shastasaffor

These emotes not only capture some great expressions, but also work very well in a smaller size. They are easy to read and very lovable.
Please let know in the comments below if you would like either the common MYO Isomara Slot or the Randomly made Isoling.

2nd Place goes to Cocopet2

LillyPad XD [Isomara - Emoticon Event] by Cocopet2 Rein Freak Out [Isomara - Emoticon Event] by Cocopet2 Carmen Approved! [Isomara - Emoticon Event] by Cocopet2

Your use of some of the most common emotes such as "XD" and "Thumb ups" landed you the 2nd place slot.
These were also very easy to read and quite fun to look at. You will be awared which ever prize is left from the 1st place prize.

Every one else who participated will receive  x2 Berries & x1 Apple per entry. 
Make sure to update your inventory journals with your new items everyone.

Pacings Thinker by SlayersStronghold

Discord Emoticon Design Contest

This is an event for Isomara-Island 
You do not need an Isomara to join, but need to be a member the group.
Make sure to read everything below.

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Emote EvolutionDiscord Emoticon Design Contest

               You do not need to own an Isomara to participate in this event!

        Start: February 13th
        End: March 13th 11:59 pm MST

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Information & Rules:

Isomara Discord Chatroom Button by SlayersStronghold
    Q.What is Discord?

"Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. " - Socrates; Discord Staff
        Discord is the chat service Isomara-Island uses for its official chat. Within the server there are plenty of emoticons provided by Discord, they range from simple faces to food to vehicles. There is an additional feature that allows server owners to upload custom emoticons. Specifically, each Discord Server only allows 50 custom emoticons, so this contest is for members to create up to 45 additional emoticons for the server! (We already have a few custom emotes)

    Q. What is an emoticon?
        By definition, an emoticon is a symbol for a facial expression such as : - ) :-) (representing a smile with a nose), formed by various combinations of keyboard characters and used to convey the writer's feelings or intended tone. Emoticons have also spread into emojis which are usually symbols for any feeling, item, and expression you want to convey. 

    We are looking for up to 45 emoticons. You may submit as many as you want, but quality over quantity. These emoticons do not have to be full body, we actually do not recommend them being a full body as you might not be able to identify what they are when they are shrunk down to emote size. Keep that in mind.
    Not ever emoticon entry submitted will be chosen when this contest ends. We are looking for interesting and unique emotions. Think about that silly faces event that was held in 2016. Get out of your comfort zone and have fun drawing! 

    Please read all the guidelines as failure to follow the criteria means your emote will have less likely of a chance to make it into the server.
        1. You may only use Isomara you own or any of the NPC's below
        2. All entries must be colored (Shading is optional)
         3. We will only be accepting digital emotes. If you only draw traditionally try to get someone to digitize it for you
         4. Only transparent pictures and keep drawings within a square space. Do not have your emote be 400 pixels long and 200 wide. If it can't fit nicely in a square then it won't make it into the server.
        5. No smaller than 250x250 pixels and no larger than 1,000x1,000 pixels.
        6. This is not a rule but keep in mind at smaller sizes thinner line art might make emotions and faces hard to see.

Note: The bonus +20 ss for Contests/events will be reduced to +5 ss for this contest.

    Additionally, you may submit multiple emotes on one canvas as a batch deviation so you don't have to submit each one to DeviantART separately, each will be judged separately when the contest ends. Submit all entries to the contest entries folder in the group. (The folder is actually labled Event/Challenge Work)
    Lastly, have fun! Let's see those creative juices!

    If you do not own an Isomara you may create emotes using any of the NPC's listed below:

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu


1st Place:
  One emoticon will be chosen and the creator of the top emote will receive:
        - A common MYO Isomara Slot
        - A Randomly made Isoling

    and 50 :points:

All Participants: 
    Everyone who enters this event will receive:
           - x2 Berries per entry
           - x1 Apple per entry


Isomara Group Directory

Isomaras are part of an ARPG! An ARPG is an Art Roleplaying Game. Check out the group for more information!

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1st Place goes to shastasaffor 
Please let know if you would like either the common MYO Isomara Slot or the Randomly made Isoling.
You also receive x28 Berries and x14 Apples

2nd Place goes to Cocopet2
You will recieve which ever prize the first place does not choose.
You also receive x6 Berries and x3 Apples

Sin-Sore you receive x2 Berries and x1 Apple
ThePokemon123941 you receive x4 Berries and x2 Apples
AriaPMDEoL  you receive x4 Berries and x2 Apples
FoxtailWillows you receive x2 Berries and x1 Apple
Nekolovania you receive x12 Berries and x6 Apples
Windup-Trousle you receive x6 Berries and x3 Apples
Sneaky-Bean you receive x12 Berries and x6 Apples

Make sure to update your inventory journals with your new items everyone.