Achievement Turn-In

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Achievement Turn-In

Here is the list of currently available achievements in the game. Expect more to be added.

    Achievements are collectible badges for your Isomara which you can collect and earn. They are for fun and some achievements may give your Isomara perks and bonuses. 
    Each Isomara can earn all the achievements. As new ones get added you can refer back to this journal to gain them on your Isomara. Some achievements will be auto-added to your Isomara's ID depending on how they are earned (For example the Goom Races can earn you some achievements that are added when prizes are rewarded at the end of each race week).

    From now on instead of commenting on the achievement with a link to proof you will comment in the thread below. Please use the form provided:

Achievement: [Link/Name of Achievement]
Isomara: [Link(s)]
Proof: [Link(s)]

    Make sure to read the achievement with what you might need to show as proof to gain the achievement. Here are some examples:

Achievement: 25 in a Single Stat
Isomara: 001 - Slayer {NPC}
Proof: Flight stat

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