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Currently having to decide which topic to use for my master thesis. I got 3D GUIs, however what I mainly wanted to write about is already in a book -.-, multitouch with Win7 and that offer by VW something with memory-management of mp3s on small memory-devices.
Building a 3D GUI would be fun, but without much use if it's not for a certain enterprise.

Anyway, since my last blog entry is so old, I still have to add that I've got a "new" tablet from ebay. A wireless pen tablet A5 by Wacom that's really great to work with.

Concering games, a few friends of mine want to do a vertical scrolling shooter and I have to design spaceships right now -.-.

My subscription is also ending soon, so again thanks to Cyrill for it :). Will see if I get myself another one ^^.


- Marius for Merriya

- Tenten for Ying (mafia prize...I wonder if she still knows XD)

- other coloring stuff

- spaceships

- maybe entering the elves'-group contest

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(hope I didn't forget anyone)
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Lady Gaga metal covers huh? :D