Just some updates, some nwn2 modders here?

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I got my master's degree with a pretty good mark :D.
I also bought Adobe CS5 and can't wait to use it. I fear though most programs won't work on my machine that's got only 2 GB RAM and Win XP. My laptop does have 3 GB and Win7, I already have to use it for Visual Studio 2010, so I have a backup solution.

Does anyone know hot to import OBJs made from MBDs (nwn2 model format) into Zbrush? It gets all distorted when I do it...I think it's because the model consits of tris instead of quads, but it's not my model...


- Marius for Merriya

- Tenten for Ying (mafia prize...I wonder if she still knows XD)

- other coloring stuff

- one fanart coming up

- textures for nwn2
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Congrads on the masters degree.