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oh I guess I should be careful with saying that after bad things happened it can only get better XD. The last two weeks were terrible. First I had to go to Wolfsburg for a presentation of my master thesis. They took the laptop the project was on, because it had a webcam. So the first day I was supposed to set up and prepare the "booth" I couldn't do anything but phone around and wait until my advisor could be called. I had to use my cellphone outside in the cold wind because picture-phones weren't allowed inside. So I caught a cold, it started when I got back home.
Before I left my cat started to get weaker, wouldn't eat anymore and when I got back we had to discuss when to put her to "sleep". <.< Something about her kidneys has been wrong for years, but she always got better after some medicine, not this time. She was also already about 20 years old (I knew her since I was about 7 or 8, now I'm soon 26). The first day we wanted to take her to the vet and were going to fetch her from home, someone drove in front of my mum in a narrow street and apparently wanted to park there. He was looking at a woman he seemed to know and when he started to drive backwards after my mum had already halted my mum honked like mad, but somehow he didn't hear it and continued even faster and crashed right into her. One of the front lights and part of the mud guard was done for. Total loss. Now she still has to drive with my car until that guy's insurance sends the money. He BTW took it pretty relaxed. Sure, apparently his father paid for the car and everything. Kids these days...>.<
The next day the inevitable happened to our cat at the vet...she was that weak that she died right when she got the poison injection after she'd gotten the anesthesia. We buried her 2 days later. During that time I, with a lovely cough, of course still had to finish my thesis, now without my specially prepared SD-card, because the laptop had to be left in Wolfsburg as the exhibition ended after I'd left. -_-
The last time someone died I had a math exam right after the funeral...I guess such things just happen to me :P.
Now I'm slowly recovering and hope to get to some drawing...
Currently working on some fanart, but my friends keep pushing me to do art for our game.

On a side note, if any of the German speaking watchers like roleplaying and D&D, come here:
Ein neverwinter nights 2 Server.


- Marius for Merriya

- Tenten for Ying (mafia prize...I wonder if she still knows XD)

- other coloring stuff

- spaceships

- one fanart coming up soon
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Mieze...fuck. Beileid.
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wow tough times, I hope it clears up for you.
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thank you :) (at least I finally got some free time before my presentations)
I hope you're doing good(and drawing lots of elves hrhr)