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The last dance...

3K Views a living person. No, this isn't any Elisabeth related fanart, only Tanz der Vampire/Dance fo the Vampires. The very belated birthday gift for (a very belated Happy b-day to you! *g*), who plays Sarah in an RPG ([link]). I nevertheless couldn't resist making Sarah brown and I also often find it more diff. to colour blond hair :shrug:. I know that in this scene of the musical, or at least that was my impression, Sarah is rather absent-minded and moving as if she's will-less or sth, but decided to show them happy...a fatal error, it's so hard to show that a young person is smiling, the wrinkles immediately make her look old. :(
The ornaments used to be larger and transparent, but they distracted too much from the main motive, however on a dark BG the transparent parts look quite good :).
And finally...I haven't drawn profiles for so long *sighs*, I know how much is wrong, shoudl've used reference ;) ....(and his hand is so big on purpose :P)
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:faint::dead: *just died from the remembered awesomeness of this scene*
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I love it'^^

TdV is great^^
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I love this!!! *___*
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I LOVE THIS! This is such a beautiful "Tanz der Vampire" piece, and those are so hard to find! I am a huge fan of the musical (and of the Sarah/Krolock pairing especially). Excellent colors and details... I'm definitely going to fave this! :glomp: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art with us!
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Aw... shucks!!! >_< Why didn't I get to see this before I stopped coming to DA for the finals!? :tears: Please forgive me for the delay... -_- :stupidme:

Wow, but Isi... to tell the truth, I'm totally lost for words. ^_^ :worship: All your digitally colored pictures look as if they're oil paintings on canvas (just like those masterpieces by the master artists). And you always get rid of the pencil lines (unlike me, since I always do anime drawings, they always have black outlines; which makes them look flat)... *SIGH* Subarashii (magnificent), Isi! :) You never need Illustrator or Painter, or Maya, because you can already color a drawing like this in Photoshop.

Let me guess... did you model Kevin and Barbara? ^_^
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I know you're not here anymore *sniff* :cries: , but maybe you'll return. I thank you so much for the comment *major blush*. I'm glad it looks like that to you, I liked that "new technique", thought I'd try it out. :D And no, not Kevin&Barbara, if anyone, then Cornelia&Steve as I looked at the VCD before doing this. :D.
and now I see, you've never tried, you only did Manga/anime, so you can't compare that!
I so hope you'll return to DA and post more of your great stuff, you know we ppl here love it!!!
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wow, great work, I love Count Von Krolock's expression.
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thank you very much for the nice comment, the fav and watching! :D *devwatches, too*
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you're most welcome! :) I've commented on your art in the past and I thought I already watched you... oh well, better late than never :)
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Ooo, very nice. Great skin rendition. :)
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thank you! huh...I didn't see a new pic from you in my watch list...
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OH my Isi *bows to the great artist* I have no patience for PS. I admire you for that and your skill. This piece is divine. The concept is great and I love the shading. *sighs* His hand...his fingers...I love it!

Ah and YAY FINALLY! YOU CAN PLAY VAMPIRE THE MASQURADE! It is fun and well I am sure you'll get used to it in time :P If you need any help don&#8217;t be afraid to ask/e~mail me ;) I am a nerd and got all of the endings so ;)


LOL oh one little hint right not waste money on blood viles. You can do that in the end (buying blood stones). For now get wepons and level up. My favorite thing to do was to just kill vampires by sucking them dry :P quite fun. &#8220;Awe&#8221; *I think that is what the trick was called* is very useful. ;)
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:blush: :bow: thank you! Am glad you like it too :D .,....yeah, I almost lost patience when my PC crashed the second time :lol:....gah and I don't have an installation prog that works for my new I'll probably only have PS6 on the new one...if a friend of mine burns me that...

Yeeaaaah, redemption! Gah, the 2nd boss already almost made me give up, only via a little trick I could kill him (Mercurio), I ran back to monastery 2 and he of course didn't follow, so I could heal myself and drink vials etc. Funny thing was that Wilhelm was already "dead", but his body was in the same place *lol*, I just resurrected him. Gah, I dunno how else I could've finished's all so fast and I don't like the control, mouse and keyboard...and the camera doesn't follow the figures, if I have my hand on the camer angle keys I can't press F1 etc. :(. Hooray for joypads... Any hints for me about fighting?
Awe unfortunately doesn't work on all least with my ranking *coughs*. And I still dunno how to drink without attracting the guards' attention in the cities.
Aw, and that wolf is so cute *g*...
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hach schmelz...
wie geil du das wieder gemacht hast!

obwohl ich finde, das Sarah wenig anmutiges und sanftes im gesicht hat ...
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yay....freut mich, dass du es gut findest :D.

und öhm, nun ja...ging nicht anders *pfeif* und...soooo anmutig und liebreizend ist die neugierige Sarah auch net :P, sie hat Alfred sitzengelassen, hehe.
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rofl kann man ihr das bei krolock verübeln?
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marvelous picture! :clap:
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thank you very much! :D
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Beautiful! I loooove the colouring here.
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yay, thank you very much! :)
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You're very welcome :)
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*Runs around screaming then huggles Isi* AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isi it is aboslutely wonderful! Thank you so're going to make me cry lol Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! ^_^ Thank you. to make your present...expect it around February lol ;) OH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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phewwww...*wipes sweat relieved away* ;). ah you give me the rest of "cheering up" that I need to go to lectures again tomorrow (been ill) :), I'm sorry it took so long, my PC crashed several times right before I wanted to save it again and what not... at least you like it :boogie:.
(Even after realising that I should've practised profiles again, I just wanted to get the idea which I had for so long on (err...PC-) paper...;))
:hug: yay, take your time *g*.... *after waving goodbye, stumbles errr dances back into her room to play with her NEW PC*
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:huggle: ooooh new PC eh? sounds exciting!
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