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[link] <-- Wkipedia on Succubi. There's even a sentence about Drakan. :D
So finally I give up and say "finished".
A succubus from the PC game Drakan...started without reference, so it may not look as in the game.
They were the most interesting monsters in Drakan next to the scavengers, dunno just liked them ;).
Started this in Painter when PS didn't work, then finished in PS. My first complete digital painting (just had a sketch of half the woman, without wings or feet) that took more then just a few hours...I'm proud that I kept on painting, usually I'm too impatient. And I learnt something from it, never start a painting when you don't know how the BG might look :lol:.
No idea how long it took, worked on it on and off as I had to learn for exams.
No reference except my hands (no photos taken *g*), the wall (the bubbles are from a screenshot, the rest is painted), photo of the moon (but completely diff.), photo of for lighting on face (not structure, Asamarith is prettier *g*)
And I didn't do the fog because I was lazy with the floor, the tiles used to be quite detailed. :P

Drakan (c) Surreal, Eidos
details : [link]
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the succubi and colors are wonderful...!