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Smaug and his hoard

Invited my parents to the cinema, had to draw a voucher, decided to go see the 2nd Hobbit movie, thought dragons and the coins would be easy with brushes on photoshop...boy, was I wrong. Took me 4 days of many hours because I had no idea what I was doing XD. Only the base of the middle-scales was done with a brush (self-made), but, for the coins I used one and I think it worked ok...  still has some flaws, but it was actually supposed to be simple D:.
Design was just something I made up as I drew, thought the movie-version was boring, too...
also, why didn't he have some of his treasure on his stomach to protect him? :P
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Lovely Work, beautifully lit :)
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Amazing, really cool job!
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Smaug looks sad.
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how about...sleepy? ^^'' though yes, kinda melancholic, too...
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I can go with that. ;)
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thank you! ^.^
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Good for you for sticking to it. This looks fabulous. 
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aw thanks! (still have to find quicker ways...or get more experience/routine)
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That is an amazing level of detail right there.
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thanks a lot! (I wish it would look like more still XD...thinking of how many layers of paint I put over this)
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Now that is a thought that just brings up a eep!
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