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Birth of hatred

In Vizima's trade quarter a woman says something about Yaevinn only getting the revolution started, because soldiers slew his beloved...

My entry for the witcher contest.
I first wanted to do just a sex card of Yaevinn (no yaoi!!, freaks <.< ), decided in favor of something more complicated: a bloody Warscene between scoia'tael and knights, but somehow it was too much in one pic and chaotic und everyone seemed to be doing action scenes anyway XD. So a friend of mine, who also suggested the other theme, came up with "something that was not in the game".
And the witcher, books or game, is definately about more than just Geralt slaying this and that monster or f...inding this and that woman. The game is mainly also about the fight between nonhumans and humans, Yaevinn being one of the most important figures here and this scene probably the trigger for everything.

I'm still quite bad at painting, may it be digital or traditional (ecxept for Copic markers, but that's sth different). I redid Yaevinns' face and the colours several times, it took me longer than it should have.
It was BTW my intention to make the woman look as dead as possible, so she's not as orange as Yaevinn XD.
I used ref from 2 pics of myself for the woman's pose, and textures on the tree, his wristguards and his shirt from (I still had them from my 3d project ^^)

Photoshop from scratch.
Details: [link]
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Yaevinn had a wife? I do not remember him talking about it when asked about his past. But I could forget.
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beautiful work :)
where was the woman speaking of yeavinn past? i think i missed it :( can you tell me where she was exactly in the game?
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thank you!
Phew, as mentioned in Vizima's trade-quarter, but I think it's random, one of those sentences they say when you walk by or click on them, so you can just hope to meet her when she says it, run around a bit and click :(. I also can't remember what she was wearing D:
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ok then, maybe i'll find her :D thanks for the answer! :heart:
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"I first wanted to do just a sex card of Yaevinn (no yaoi!!, freaks <.< ), "
Wohohoh, yes, yaoi, that's what I would like the most in the game :XD:
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T_T it's already everywhere else! most or many pictures of naked guys on here have something to do with Yaoi :(.
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Just letting you know that this work has been Featured here: :iconthefonzplz: [link]

I really hope you don't mind... I'm far too lazy to remove it if you do - lol! :nana:
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Thank you very much :D.
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:iconmypleasuresignplz: You're very welcome!
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Oh.... This is so moving.... :( beautiful job.
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thanks a lot! glad I got the mood across
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Witcher is a wonderful game and Yaevinn was my favorite character in it ^^
This is a lovely picture with a lot of emotions, good work! :D

You kind of even captured the same atmosphere as in the outskirts of Vizima XD
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thank you! :D
oh cool. The game always had such great "dirty" atmospheres, really medieval-ish.
I noticed there's an elf int he witcher 2 trailer, I wonder if we'll see Yaevinn again then ;).
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i love
you style is beautiful!
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oh, thank you!!
when it comes to digital painting I don't really have a style, I just try different things XD.
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this is an awesome picture, great emotion.
im just sulking as i bought the Witcher but my laptop isnt powerful enoug to run it ;__;
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thanks a lot!

Oh that's hard :/, especially because it's not easy upgrading a laptop.
Maybe you know someone where you could play it...^^.
Meanwhile if you haven't done so yet, you might get the books, they're great.
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indeed *g*, just without him
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Wow...this is truley beautiful. I'm speechless.
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OMG. Why didn't you show me this?

Wonderful work, and even for The Witcher, too *.*
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You really have some great stuff in your gallery, way to go! This painting is fantastic you achieved a great mood, it is very touching.
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late reply ^^'''

thank you very much! :D
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wow, wieder super gemacht!
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