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Berserk: da witch

By isolde
Used ink after ages again to do this small pic of Schierke from the manga Berserk for a friend (~See-Saw) (who lent me all the mangas, yay :hug:). Not sure if it looks much like her, I had only little reference (the first time she appears in the manga plus a colored drawing by Miura) :shrug:. And there was a stain further down so I had to cut it (damned ink, I know perfectly well why I usually dot use it :P).
In any case, hope he liked it and those who see it here, too :)...

Berserk (c) Kentaro Miura
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© 2006 - 2021 isolde
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oh wow, I didn't comment that one yet?
I love it =)

You should do some other inkings with Berserk characters, I daresay.
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:D thankies!
Do you still happen to have it anyway? XDD

ink is always such a mess, but perhaps when holidays come...
See-Saw's avatar
'f course I still have it!
Jack-of-Spades's avatar
Oh wow! That's a really good drawing of her! She doesn't have that annoying cute look that she has in the book. It looks like somebody tried a bad pickup line on her.

"Hey little girl. How about I teach you some magic tricks?" *wink wink*
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:rofl: :mwahaha:
thanx a lot! The first impressions I had of her were rather..melancholic or sth. But yeah, then she turned into mega cuteness. Yet I like her arguing with Isidrops (umm, at least that'S how Puck calls Isidro in the German version ;))
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A wonderfully inked picture. With quality like that it could be a illuration from a book.

Very good Isi
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thank you very much :hug:
(amidst ebay messages to my mum (using my ebay account) I found your e-mail again, arrgh, damn ebay ;). will reply tonight, gotta go to my grandpa's b-day now)
CynicalRaven's avatar
Hear from you later then. Be well
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You really should use ink more! And especially if you've used those crowquill pens(sp XD?)*forces* I love the way you've inked this! :heart:
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thanks a lot!! Now if only I could manage not to spill anything, or to smear wet ink, arrrgh...*clumsy* ;).
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