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September 22, 2013
Pixel Waterfall BG. by ~iSohei
Featured by vanmall
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Pixel Waterfall BG.

I love flowing water and it was my old dream to make something like this. Finally I've made it in a form of a bg for a platformer.
Tools: Photoshop
4-frame water animation. 8 frames total for crazy-super-sonic-badly-animated-birds. )
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Excellent work !

Animasho's avatar
its fab
can i use it?
the-general117's avatar
Would it be alright if I used this on my website?
Sophitia-chan's avatar
Hello why this animated wallpaper only appear today for me on this site ?
SonicZetrex's avatar
Beautiful...just beautiful...
StevezombiesRBLX's avatar
Hello! i was wondering if i can use this photo for my website! I will credit you on my website!

My website isnt released until my game is finished.

The game im working on is called "Zarquest"

An RPG game made with gamemaker.

If you want i will show you a few screenshots of my website for proof.

Let me know if i can use it.
SnakeePlissken's avatar
maaaaaaate can I use your creation? I will credit you by reffering your name and maybe deviantArt URL
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Really great job! I'm intensely studying the shades of the rocks to make something similar one day. :)
The water animation effect is really good
Where i can buy it, to use in my game?
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boot-cheese-3000's avatar
Now THIS is very cool! What type of Software did you use and did you follow any Tutorials to create your Pixel Art/Animation?
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This is amazing! I wish I knew how to draw pixel art like this! I love the little details (like the blinking red eyes c; )

Over all this is an amazing piece! 10/10!
This is the kind of pixel art that I love with all my heart and soul
I love this pixel art. May I use this in my college project which is a small game. The game is not for commercial use. And I will credit you.
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Hey! I love your pixel art and I was wondering if I could use it in some of my videos. I will credit you of course!
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Are you a member of the team of planet centaury ? Because it's really like the main background of the game.
iSohei's avatar
Can you give me a link?
guns-for-stars's avatar
RascalTheFox's avatar
How long did it take you to make that?
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