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Fleet Armada

By iSohei
^ My old work. These sprites were created for a shoot'em'up game of A.U.D. Studios ( So copyright goes to them.
As you can see above - an uderwater units. A submarine fleet.
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Wow, I love your vehicles and ships and etc! Inspires me to do something like this, but it seems all so complex, would you have any advice on how to do them, or make a tutorial? I would love anything :D
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I'm making a game, would you accept comissions?
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It depends. I need to know game resolution, sprite sizes, the amount of work and reward. If resolution is under 480*320, and reasonable workload — send me PM with details.
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Thanks for the badge.
I'm interested on ships smaller than 50x44 pixels.
They have to fit one hex:

I'm still considering making larger ships that will occupy four hexes and seven hexes.

Tell me how much would cost for 5 small ships, 3 medium and 1 large using one style.
And the I would need 10 different styles. (Each for a different race on the game)

That would be 50 small ships, 30 medium and 10 large in total.

There will ne no need to rush, actually you can take your time to do it.
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This just blew me away! All the little detailing and colors! And the machines actually look like they are made of working structures. These are great! Nice work, even though it's old you say. :meow:
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:w00t: !!! GRRRRRRRREAT !!! :w00t:

sprite vehicles !!!

some day there should to have an book or site only dedicated to that peculiar and beautiful art.

with some of your works posted too !!!

Keep up the amazing Work !!!
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I wish there were such a site too. )

Thanks for your appreciation!
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Thank you!!!
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Dodonpachi a go go.
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I love Dodonpachi! :)
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WHI DOESNT, actually <3
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