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SCP 035-Contaminated Sewer

interior redesign of the indie game SCP: Containment Breach for a course 
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This looks like or at least reminds me of SCP-610 "The Flesh that Hates".

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I think that sewer is a whole lot more than just contaminated.
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Definitely inspired by The Many of SS2
FrankieStinkBomb's avatar
035 = Flood confirmo?
Look's like a 610 infestation. Scp 035 is the possessive mask.
WobblewokGaming's avatar
Is 610 those weird Polyp things that're made of human organs that has the stomach lined with human faces?
Actually that would be SCP-835
JustMustyPrime's avatar
035 has the ability to start growing some weird bio-fleshy mass around it went left undisturbed after a while
GreenbookReclaim's avatar
woah, I did not know that
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Don't you see the mask?
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Well I was going to say it looks like the mask teamed up with The Flesh That Hates, but it looks like all the other commentators beat me to that one.

Nice use of lighting.
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This seems more like 610 than 035
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is scp 035 able to do that?!
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if it gets hold of scp 610, then yes.
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This almost looks like SCP 610 and SCP 035 teamed up.
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Get me my flamethrower.
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as a huge SCP-035 did he contaminate the sewer? 
ucantcmeh's avatar
for it to do something like in this picture, it has to get control of scp 610
SeekerDestroy's avatar
damn..that would be a sight to see for curiosity is truly peaked now 
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