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Butterflies in the Wild

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Owl Butterfly - Caligo Eurilochus 2

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3624  White-spotted Leafroller Moth


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Banded Hairstreak Caterpillar


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Viceroy release 7-15-20

Raising Moths and Butterflies

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Dragonfly In Flight

Dragonflies and Damselflies

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Flower Study 5


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Spicebush 9-10

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M51 Again


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Fields of Queen Anne's Lace


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Sosha Bear


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From A Secret Place, pt. 8

When at last Jubee stumbled out of the forest and back into the Temple’s clearing, her path determined almost entirely by blind instinct, her feet were a painful, bloody mess, and her face was transfigured by dirt and tears. Barely able to cross the last few feet to the door, her vision was so blurred that the candlelight within seemed to her an ethereal fire sent to consume the world. When, upon the steps, she lost her footing and fell, the arms which caught her,  lifted her, and carried her inside seemed sent from a fever dream, the barely recognizable face before her like that of a disfigured angel. I’m still dreaming, she thou

From A Secret Place

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Black Wings

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Moon Drop, Pt. 2

Faeries are mysterious and magikal beings, and they come into the world by mysterious and magikal means, often at once possessed of both instinct and intelligence. They are also often born alone, and so it is that they are properly endowed for survival. The little water-faerie that was born on the night of the storm was no exception. Instantly and keenly aware, she looked at the world around her, and, at first, she was very afraid. It was all so big and so dark. On all sides the shadowy trees loomed, their massive bulks gnarled and grotesque, the spaces between them black and mysterious. In fact, the only thing that did not frighten her was

Moon Drop

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L. L. t. a Musician pt. 2

Outside the air is crisp with the first shy kiss of winter, but, save for the bittersweet longing which you have stirred in my heart, I am both warm and content. Alone tonight, I am reading your letter by candlelight. Creased, wrinkled, and smudged, stains of tears like tiny constellations on its surface, it is only a careworn piece of paper. Yet I think there is but one thing more precious to me in all the world - and that the impassioned heart which wrote the words upon it. I hear your voice as I read them, as if you were with me even now. I can hear it as clearly as I can hear the notes of the Cavatina - just as you played it for me so l


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The Fox Diary, Pt. 10

'Earth beneath my feet, running Electric fire courses through my veins Ancient silence briefly broken, Fallen leaves, stirred from sleep, Whisper in my wake' - Fiery Winter Before me, in the crystallized darkness, between the heartbeats of day and night, there glow the footsteps of my guide. I see them now only as faint streaks, appearing and then disappearing in my wake. Though the air is still here upon the floor of the forest, it now whips past my ears and through my fur like a gale. I am running faster than I have ever run before, for, though I am utterly lost, I am yet certain of the way. I feel no fear; I feel no exhiliration. Th

The Fox Diary

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Fragile Things

Assorted Writings

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Beneath the Stars

In the exodus of darkness Before the march of dawn   Before the flowers open Soft, and yellow, in the sun   Gentle, like a storm, Like a kiss so long and warm   All that had eluded me Fell into my arms   And it's true that I believed then That I knew everything   That I finally understood And I was dancing Alone and calm and quiet (Everything will be all right) I was fearless There were angels at my side (Everything will be all right) My heart was full I was laughing as I cried (Everything will be all right) And through my tears, I saw the truth Beneath the stars that night   All creation burned away Li

Poetry and Lyrics

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