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Poetry Dump 2
You make me feel
Make me feel
Make me feel
Oh, how you make me feel
Like my heart has a mind of it’s own
Between us an unbreaking bond has been sewn
Like you’re the only love I’ve ever known
Make me feel
Make me feel
Like all those clichés really do come true
That stuff about soulmates and heartbeats too
Like I just can’t stop loving you
Make me feel
Make me feel
Like maybe this isn’t what it seems
I’ll wake up and it’s just a dream
Like it’s all just some hilarious scheme
Make me feel
Make me feel
Oh, let it be real
This way you make me feel
It’s three in the morning on Christmas Eve, my phone’s beeping
I know it’s you because at this time of night you’re never sleeping
I can figure from the times that, to me, you let your guard down
Told me about the bad choices, and really laid your cards down
You’ve been crying, your voice is cracking, you’re a mess
I’m afraid to
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 2 0
On Top of the Universe
[Dirk Strider x Gender Neutral!Reader Drabble.]
 Light fell upon my closed eyes, burning my eyelids and making me flip onto my side. A second later, my blanket was yanked off of me, and I let out a groan. I reached out my arm and grasped for my covers, and was instead met with a not-at-all-welcome high five.
 "C'mon. No sleeping in at my place," Dirk said, and I cracked open one eye to glare at him. From behind his shades, it was hard to gauge his reaction, but he didn't look impressed. I closed my eye again, and next thing I knew, my pillow was yanked out from under my head, making it fall and hit the couch cushion. Didn't this asshole ever hear of a rude awakening? I pushed myself to sit up and rub my eyes, my jaw stretched open in a yawn so strong it was almost painful.
 "Good morning. Welcome to the real world, please leave all your dreams along with your lack of energy at the front door." Didn't have to tell me twice. My apartment was only one floor down from his. I
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 49 4
Lazy Day Reading by ISmellGooood Lazy Day Reading :iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 3 3 Distance is Imaginary by ISmellGooood Distance is Imaginary :iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 2 2 My nerd art by ISmellGooood My nerd art :iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 2 1
Back Here Again
[♥~Valentines Special~♥] (That came entirely too late hahahahahahah gross sobbing)
[Jake x Gender Neutral!Reader]
Jake English was his name. A dork in style, a dork in spirit. He had a couple pages in his journal dedicated to witty one-liners he'd say in interviews when he became a famous movie star. He'd spend a couple minutes every morning practicing poses in the mirror for when they put him on the cover of People magazine.  He had a shelf lined with his gun collection, and another under that with autographed comic books. Half of our dates were us laying in his bed, curled up in his blankets, watching movies on his laptop with Oreos and sodas on his bedside table. I dedicated 10 months of my life to him my junior year of high school. Now, he was just a thing of the past, a face imprinted in my memory. I was fine with that. The past was where he belonged.
 I lost contact with him the day we graduated. We weren't exactly on bad terms, we just kind of...drifte
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 53 11
[ Dave Strider x Gender Neutral!Reader (???) 1st Person POV ]
[Sadstuck imminent!]
It was a rainy day, the house was empty, and I was alone.
It seemed fitting, at least. Some people say they see beauty in the rain, and I kind of agreed. But, I prefer sunny days to rainy ones, the rain is just too sad. The expression "rain on your parade" wasn't all laughs and happiness, you know. But today, the rain was my friend, because it reflected how I felt. Heavy, gray, and gloomy.
I had pulled a chair from the table and propped it close to a window, sitting and staring out at every individual droplet that found it's way on the glass. It was kind of hard to differentiate when you're looking through the blur of tears, but I gave it my best go. I know somebody who couldn't say the same.
When we started dating, I wanted him to feel secure. I wanted him to know that he was the only guy for me, in every way. I deleted all the sexy pics from the internet off my phone and laptop. I stopped jokingly flir
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 28 10
What I Want
[[ Any Character x Gender Neutral!Reader ]]
[Name]'s fingers tapped rhythmically on the desktop, the Chemistry lesson fluttering overhead like leaves in a gentle breeze. Completely zoned out, nothing the teacher said could burst through the carefully constructed barrier built between the world and themselves. In another world all together, thoughts bounced around, never truly in grasp, just floating aimlessly throughout the mind. A notebook sat open on [Name]'s desk, the lined paper blank save for a hastily scribbled title across the top.
"What I want in a relationship."
Of course, should anyone glance now, the joke would probably be that [Name] didn't want a relationship at all. That wasn't true, but how hard it was to pull forth a coherent thought! Even more so, one that was deemed worthy of being written done. So far, none had passed the bar, and it wasn't very clear what the bar even was either. Was it pretentious, about how someone could see the galaxies in thei
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 45 9
[Punk!Jake x Gender Neutral!Reader]
Time was moving as usual, but the seconds dragged by for me as Winter Break took it's sweet ass time getting here.
Normally, I'd be excited for this kind of day. Half day, no work in any classes, just relaxation and fun times. Except there were only two things on everybody's lips. Christmas and, surprisingly more often, New Years. From what I gathered, a bunch of seniors are throwing their own New Year's parties, and practically everyone who has a name is going to one or the other. Except for me, of course.
It wasn't that I didn't want to go, I really did. I rarely attended parties before, but the few I did, I never wanted to leave. A festive, New Years party made it that much more appealing. But, most were invite-only, and the one
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 106 17
Thank You, Santa.
[Yes this is the Christmas special don't ask questions.]
3:22 AM. Everything was utterly silent, from the street outside to the house. The room was dark, and Christmas Morning was almost here, ready to bombard you with glory in the form of boxes covered in brightly colored paper, holding your long-awaited treats inside. Christmas was undoubtedly the best time of year, and the worst part was Christmas Eve. Mostly because you could never sleep, just wait for a reasonable time to wake up your parents.
Whenever that time may be, it certainly wasn't 3 in the morning. So, in agonizing silence, you were forced to wait in bed, anxiously looking forward to the moment you could rise from "slumber" and dig in to materialism. Fantastic.
For another 20 minutes you hopelessly tossed and turned, trying to sleep so that the wait was that much shorter. Unfortunately, you were much too wound to even consider closing your eyes. Just when you were about to give the effort a good old "fuck it" and play on
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 11 5
Be Still, My Beating Heart.
[AN: Hey, guess who's finally back in time for his favorite holiday? I hope this is up to par with the rest of my stories, I'm still kind of worn out from creating writing stuff. Enjoy!]

This was the worst idea. This is the kind of shit that gets people killed in horror movies. I don't know how someone could ever think this is a good idea. Even me. You couldn't find this safe even if you squinted.
But, hey, look at where we are now. "Oh hey, let's go to the abandoned hospital on the edge of town for Halloween! It'll be so cool!" Not my brightest moment. But hey, I never claimed to be a goddamn psychic! Who would've figured that there'd be an ACTUAL murderer in the creepy old building on Halloween?
Well, to be honest, anyone with common sense.
But hey, at least nobody can pull the "lol stupid person went into the creepy building alone" card because I DID have friends with me. Their fate? Doesn't give you much to
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 31 9
Get a Clue! [Drabble]
[Jane x Reader, 1st Person POV (I/You/They) Main Genre: Humor]
Oh god.
What were we thinking.
What in the unholy fuck were we thinking.
It's obvious you want to get someone a birthday present that they'll like. Common sense, really. Board games were kind of outdated, but with her sleuth-y ways, what better option than to give my girlfriend Clue as a birthday present?
Anything. Anything would be better than this.
"I told you we should have gotten Sherlock on DVD," Roxy whispered in my ear as we all sat around the table for our 5th game in a row. I glanced over at Jane, who was looking at her cards with confidence.
"It's her birthday, at least she's having fun," I responded. Roxy rolled her eyes and sat up, our private conversation ending.
"I deduce," Jane said, all kinds of determination in her voice as she looked at her checklist, "that it was Professor Plum, who bludgeoned Mr. Boddy with the Horseshoe in the Study."
"That'd be a
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 26 2
Music Jam
[(Implied) Punk!Jake x Reader / 3rd Person POV (I/You/They) ]
[AN: This is more humor than anything, I got bored in Gov. class :U ]
Inspiration was a wonderful thing. Love was great inspiration, and what better person to get inspired than a singer? So, head-over-heels-in-love Jake English decided to call together the gentleman of Sburbian Fury in his bedroom and hold one of their many Music Jams.
Music Jams are pretty much Feelings Jams, with rhymes and fuckery. Normally, they'd be the most fun he could have, but today was serious. Love songs were serious business. That being said, it probably wasn't the best idea to call together all the guys for it.
"Alright fellows," Jake said, pulling up his laptop and sinking deeper into his beanbag, "We've got a song to write."
"Jake, what kind of song are you going for anyway?" Dirk asked, strumming his acoustic idly.
"The same kind of tune we always write! Just, y'know, lovey." Jake shrugged, opening up a word document. Dave and John, bo
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 38 11
The New Neighbors
[ Dave x Reader 1st Person POV (I/You/They) ]
"Darling!" I heard from downstairs, in the unmistakable Mom voice, "The new neighbors are settling in!"
"Cool," I called back, not all that interested. New neighbors were probably cool and all, but there was a keyboard under my fingers and a Minecraft game on my screen that was seriously warranting my attention right now. Game first, neighbors after. I heard my door open behind me.
"You know," she started, "They have a boy over there. A year older than you, he'll be going to your school in the fall, I bet. You should go introduce yourself." Ah, that voice. The "I'm suggesting it calmly but I'm still telling you as your Mom because I want to give you an illusion of choice while still running your life" voice.
"Mom, haven't you seen the movies?" I asked, pausing and turning around to face her, "The Boy Next Door types? I'm not up for turning my life into some sort of cliche you see on Disney Channel."
"Well," she made a par
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 121 23
Your Wish
[ my command. ]
[Princess!Reader x Butler!Jake DRABBLE]
I was born with only the highest expectations. In everything, from being the most beautiful, to intelligent, to artistic. To lead my kingdom to greatness, to marry a fine prince and become a king. From the moment the Queen was declared pregnant, the King and the Royal Council all got together and planned the course of my life down to the minute. They saw me doing great things, which was what I intended to do. In fact, I intended to do it by myself.
My parents didn't see the logic in this, no matter how many times I explained. I didn't want a prince, I was well-educated enough to lead our kingdom magnificently, without a King to tell me what to do and make the decisions for Prospit that I should be making. Of course, they couldn't imagine a lone Queen taking over Prospit. They arranged for me to marry a man named Dirk, a prince from a neighboring kingdom, Derse. We were to be wed, and our kingdoms would pull together as
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 121 22
Dance With the Devil
[ Incubus!Dirk x Reader / 1st Person POV (I/You/They) ]
It was happening again, I was walking to my death. What other reason would I be journeying out into the woods in the middle of the night? Meet up with my good old tree friends and talk about the deforestation problems lately? That wouldn't be a textbook sign of insanity, no sir. But, on the other hand, twitching and rushing about like a nervous meth addict 24/7 wasn't the pinnacle of sane either. Curse that damn boy for making me this way. But I couldn't help it.
It was that attraction. That damned magnetizing allure that guarantees I can't stay away. Though it was clearly, rationally in my best interest to keep as far from the man as possible, I couldn't help coming back time and time again. He used me, time and time again. He drew me in with that stoic, anime nerd act, only to tell me he was playing dumb the whole time, but by then it was too late. We had formed a natural bond, and when I tried to break it, it turned supe
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 93 12


Overwatch Suits by einlee Overwatch Suits :iconeinlee:einlee 10,996 667
Abridged Character Sheet
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine.)
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
Theme Song: (What song best describes you character?)
     Personal Characteristics
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can alwa
:icondehydromon:dehydromon 1,787 49
Mutant Atsume by Wervty Mutant Atsume :iconwervty:Wervty 255 27
Yandere songs
[EDIT] The songs will now be sorted by the artist's name (in alphabetical order).
Hello there, my psychopathic sweethearts~ :iconcutierussiaplz:
You might not have noticed, but even the songs we usually hear can have a somewhat Yandere-meaning lyrics. I mean, pay special attention to the songs' lyrics.
They can be hard to understand at first but later you'll know what am I refering to.
These are some songs with Yandere-meaning lyrics, with their link to the Youtube video.
Warning: I'll only put the songs with that meaning WHICH I KNOW AND HAVE HEARD ABOUT. So if you don't see certain songs that's because I don't know them (or I simply forgot).
Also, if some Yandere-meaning songs have the same singer, I won't be putting much songs from them. Probably four or less.
So, here we go!~ :iconyuiswayplz:
♪ Attack - Ooa hela natten:
( Translation: )
:iconyandere-lovers:Yandere-Lovers 329 317
Your Business, My Pleasure (Male!UrsulaxReader)1/3
~Author's Note: Just a note that Ursula is a "Cecaelia"--half human, half octopus and that this takes place BEFORE Ariel and her sisters. I hope you enjoy!!~


The warm Atlantic water slithers against your undulating body, softly billowing through your (h/l) (h/c) as you swim through King Triton’s golden palace during your routine patrol. Your scaly (t/c) tail forcefully propels you forward in graceful strokes that oblige you to grip the sword at your hip to keep it from wagging. Around you your fellow guardsmen give wary glances at the gold-plated armlets that signify your authoritative stature. It’s unheard of—of a mermaid being a Captain in Triton’s army, let alone a soldier. Even your envious male counterparts can’t dismiss or deny your valor or combat skill, and you’re aware of it. Such aspects are why you’re one of the King’s most trusted guardsmen.
You nod to passing courtiers before swimming beneath a
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 465 85
He's too cute by KaouruHittachin He's too cute :iconkaouruhittachin:KaouruHittachin 2 1
Attention writers and silent watchers
To all of you writers out there:
Write because you want to write.
Write because you want to share a story.
Write because it's what you love to do.
Don't let other journals tell you what you should and shouldn't write. I don't want you to feel discouraged to write because you feel intimidated by all these journals going around talking about what makes a good story because in the end, it's your story and your words. You have the power and choice to write whatever you feel like writing.
And I know that there are many people out there who will read your works and love them all the same.
To all of you silent readers/watchers:
You as a reader/watcher always have a choice.
It's your choice if you choose to watch or un-watch an artist/writer.
It's your choice if you want to favorite or comment on a work/story.
It's always the reader's/watcher's choice.
As a watcher, you're not obligated to do anything. Yes, receiving feedback is nice, but honestly, I'll accept it if you're willing to give it.
:iconreikoirie:ReikoIrie 36 9
Mature content
For My Entertainment [Dirk Strider x Reader] :iconpulanggtech:PulangGTech 29 3
Haunted Joseph Oda by banchan09 Haunted Joseph Oda :iconbanchan09:banchan09 90 10 I'm going to find you and rip you apart by Spockirkcoy I'm going to find you and rip you apart :iconspockirkcoy:Spockirkcoy 84 11
[Punk!JakexReader] Mine Alone: Part 3/4
That's it. You are never drinking again, ever.
No more dates either - you are fucking sick and tired of that shit. You groaned as you rose from your comatose slumber to find yourself mummified in the emerald green sheets atop Jake's bed, your head throbbing immensely.
Next time you saw your parents, you were going to tell them to stick it. That you're not doing this shit anymore -that they can't play the puppeteers in the little play that was your life.
Maybe if you cried they wouldn't even be all that mad about it.
Yeah, that's it- just put on tons of eye makeup and concealer beforehand so that when you cry it'll look like your face is melting.
Ugh, who were you kidding, that would never work.
Letting out a groggy sigh, you sat up on the bed and squirmed beneath the sheets which cocooned you, jutting out your elbows repeatedly until the fabric gave and fell limply around you. Pulling your legs out of the deflated wrappings, you rubbed your eyes and turned to the man who slumber
:iconbexiecain:BexieCain 31 5
Windicuffs by DoodleHappyDavis Windicuffs :icondoodlehappydavis:DoodleHappyDavis 14 0 Dante .male nsfw serie. by sakimichan Dante .male nsfw serie. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,054 732 Sexy Sephiroth .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Sexy Sephiroth .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,904 705 Marshall-Lee Abadeer by Knight-Of-Heart-Kaz Marshall-Lee Abadeer :iconknight-of-heart-kaz:Knight-Of-Heart-Kaz 3 0 Red Drinker by Knight-Of-Heart-Kaz Red Drinker :iconknight-of-heart-kaz:Knight-Of-Heart-Kaz 3 0


I doubt anyone expected anything more out of me but if you did, sorry to say I'm not using dA anymore. Thanks for reading my stuff, this place has been crucial to my development as a author. <3
So, while I'm pretty good at writing, my art skills are meh at best. Of course, I draw incredibly often, so they're getting better. I was thinking to myself "It'd be a lot easier for me to draw than write, especially with my writers block." Even if I'm not as confident in my art abilities as my writing ones, I'd still like to propose that maybe you guys could not me a request that has to with a Viewer x Character? Like, note me saying "I'd like a drawing of me and John Egbert hanging out on the beach." Then showing me a picture/drawing of yourself (or just describe yourself pretty well) and I could draw it? I think it'd be pretty cool because
A. It's not nearly as time consuming as stories
B. It's more personalized
C. I can do it in school
D. It will help me improve my art skills
E. Posting stuff constantly will help me feel more productive and also reduce a lot of stress

I don't have a tablet, so digital art isn't exactly an option :0 as much as I'd like it to be, I'm afraid I won't be able to, unless I manage to convince my stepdad to buy me a tablet, which I doubt. I have a scanner, but again, it's not as high quality. I also likely won't be coloring unless it's specifically requested, and even then I suck even more with color. But hey, again, all about practicing amiright? But, enough with the negative parts. I'll be able to do two drawing styles (chibi-esque and my normal one) and I'll totally post some art tomorrow so you get an idea of what my stuff looks like. If you're interested in a request (and make sure you look at my drawing style BEFORE you request, so I'll start taking them as early as tomorrow) send me a note detailing what exactly you want. Also if I don't do your request:

Reasons why:
  • I tried but I wasn't satisfied with the end result and was disappointed in myself
  • The post was too complicated for me to sketch out
  • It was something I had no practice drawing and couldn't get to look right
NOT reasons why:
  • your request was stupid
  • i hate you
Really if I can't do your request I'll totally note you back saying "omgosh im sorry i cant do this :c" and maybe if I have the time I'll write a drabble of your request instead to make up for it okay??? o w o

So, yeah, look forward to your first glimpse at some art from yours truly tomorrow, and requests soon! (If anyone takes me up on the offer ;w; )


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
If anyone's still lurking here, damn. I basically died. I'm not going to take anything down but I'm not posting anymore so, deuces.


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GollyItsSpace Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I see your pic is from the comedic gift to humanity that is Paranatural. :D
ReikoIrie Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Writer
Hey I haven't heard from you in a while, is everything okay?
ISmellGooood Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
omgosh this comment nearly made me cry

Thanks so much for the concern, and yeah, things are fine. I've just been swamped with schoolwork, + I've been sick the past week so I haven't been touching my deviantart lately. Thanks for being worried though, I appreciate it u v u
ReikoIrie Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Student Writer
Aww well I hope you are feeling better ;w;!!

I'm glad to see that you're okay, and please don't hesitate to text me if you feel like you need to talk, okay?
Ceader43 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Thanks for joining ReadersInc!! I hope you enjoy the group!
ISmellGooood Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Of course, thank you for the invite!
StoryOfAGirlGoneBi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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:000 (i'd draw something back but I have to leave to go on a field trip in like 10 minutes sorry ;0; )
StoryOfAGirlGoneBi Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
its ok i just felt like drawing something ^^
StoryOfAGirlGoneBi Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I noticed you mentioned some unsupportive parents and so i want so desperately to tell you that you are important and your identity is valid no matter what they say. only you can know who you are so they have little sway in such things but i do know that them not accepting it can be painful. know that there are people around you that accept and love you for who you are and not the expectations of what you 'should' be.

You are a Handsome individual and you mean the world to so many people.

you have purpose so don't let anyone tell you any different.

Your Genderfluid Pal,
ISmellGooood Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Let me just start by saying that this comment meant the absolute world to me and I had to stop every few seconds because I was afraid of bursting into tears it hit so close to home. Thank you so much for this. My father doesn't live with us anymore, and though I know he's unsupportive, it doesn't effect me. But my mother, dear lord. She's incredibly abusive without even realizing it. Emotional Abuse, Guilt-Tripping, etc. 2 days ago we had a fight, and though I was actively having a panic attack and tried to leave, she told me that she'd take all methods of communication (laptop, phone, etc.) until I "discussed it like the mature 15 year old you claim to be" then proceeded to humiliate and invalidate me for the next hour (most of which was me going into hysterics) She equated my chosen name to a slur, and threatened to call the school and get them to switch my therapist because she called me by Charli without my mothers permission, which was "wrong" and she "deserves to be called out." She tried to tell me I couldn't be a boy because I enjoy wearing eyeliner and some days I like wearing dresses (Very rarely, in fact, I only own 4, and 2 of which I was given on Christmas. One I haven't even worn yet.) She told me I can't be a boy because she "sees no masculine qualities in me" and examples she's given is me being sensitive. Just remembering some of this treatment has caused me to nearly burst into tears multiple times while writing it. The only supportive member of my family is my sister, and though I've asked her to take me out to get my hair cut/buy boy clothes, and she'd love to help, but she's too afraid of getting in trouble with Mom to help me. I hate being controlled like this. The confidence it's taken me two years to build is collapsing on top of me, and suicide has been seriously crossing my mind for the first time since middle school. Your comment just means so much to me. Thank you so, so much. I cant even express how grateful I am to have gotten this.
StoryOfAGirlGoneBi Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i am glad it was able to help even a tiny bit. my cousin is having a similar problem but she has had her electronics taken and just situations like this make me so upset because that isn't how a parent should react. sure it can be difficult at first and an adult might doubt but they should still look into the well being of their child more than how comfortable they are. even if it was a 'phase' the parent should be willing to give their child unconditional love and support. 

i really don't like that she didn't give you time to take a breather. i have only had like one panic attack before and they are super scary. 

i think your  therapist is obviously doing a good job. being willing to call you the name you feel comfortable with is a really important thing to a person. it is validating the person and letting them know they are respected. 

You can be a boy and have times when you feel feminine. honestly boys should start wearing eyeliner as it really brings out their eyes and would bring the prices down. besides boys can be sensitive, i tend to see sensitivity as something that is nurtured not nature. that is why sometimes girls raised by their fathers are tomboys and why boys raised by their moms are prone to be more open with their emotions.

cases like this make me want to cry alot. i really don't have this experience but i have definitely been neglected by family and mentally and emotionally tortured by my peers.

i am glad that you have at least your sister being supportive even if she is unable to help you like she might wish to. i do wish that she would try through little things like calling you the name you want in private if she doesn't already or getting you a pair of pants that are boys pants as those little things are huge but also can be something others might not notice.every single person that accepts it is a lifeline and they matter a whole lot. 

i hope you don't commit suicide. i only just met you but i know that so many people would miss you and they would blame themselves even if they were doing their best to love on you. i just started trying the whole 'fake it until you make it' mentality so you can always try that  but just know that i am here to talk no matter what because i know what it is like to feel invisible, invalidated, belittled, and just so low.
ISmellGooood Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Everything you say is like a big hug, golly ^w^

It's difficult, yeah. But in school I've had no problems, actually. All my friends call me by my name. I go to a weekly LGBT+ club where everyone respects my identity, and even clapped for me when I chose to come out on the first meeting (a huge leap of faith for me) and overall it's so great to go to school and have all that. My therapist has been incredibly supportive of me in general, helping me with coping skills, along with other ways to express myself since it's difficult to present in a masculine way. My best friend is offering me some of his clothes to keep, since Mom won't take me shopping. Another friend has offered to cut my hair for me, and another has offered to buy me a binder with the last of his Christmas money. It's wild how supportive they've been, and the contrast between my school life and my home life is staggering. It sucks that the one person, the ONLY person who truly bullies me for my identity is the one who has the most power over me. 

But, hey, only a little more than 2 years to go. I already have plans to move in with someone else as soon as I turn 18, and with my good grades, I'm sincerely hoping to be able to qualify for a scholarship when I go to college. It sucks, but I'm trying to do my best now, so that I won't have to depend on my family later. Looking ahead to the future keeps my head held high!
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DouglastheDragon01 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
is your icon from paranatural?
ISmellGooood Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Why yes it is!
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