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Pretension before it was cool
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So, is you gay??
The Story of... EGYPTIAN CAT
Once upon a time I was a mystical woman in Siberia long, long ago And people came to me for answers to their problems One evening, after a successful occupation as a mysticke for several decades, a man came to me, asking me the origin of Pain I could not truly answer his question, telling him that although I was wise, some thing I don't even knownkow. He nodded, and then proceeded to stab me repeatedly As I was bleeding on the floor, I heard him leave on great wings, and I fell out of consciousness I awoke in a realm, surrounded by the void that I could only presume to be Purgatory I found a floating strip of stationery which showed
I Ride Alone
Neutral Statements
I understand that despite those I effect and improve, That my own life has fundamental flaws. I'm half of a person, Because I'm half of what I should be and half of what I shouldn't. Many won't understand my feelings, Because they don't realize the calm that is beyond it. I don't have time to really think of myself, If I'm too busy worrying for other people. For a heart, Consumed with hatred: Don't focus so hard on humbling others, I'm sure there are more important matters at hand. And don't worry about how someone feels about you, It will only further your depression. Despite all the above, This isn't specific. There's no poi
A Killer's Penance
Nameless Lands
Change of Pace
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Devious Journal Entry
So, Yeah I really don't have anything too special to say. Don't expect this to be a huge comeback to deviant art, or anything. I really only go on here to haunt the chat section anymore. - I figured I'd make this page look a lot more presentable in the meantime. I'm a bit too lazy to actually delete all my angsty/awful art from the past at the moment, but I'll probably get around to it in the coming weeks. Or I might just archive it. I kind of contradicted what I said at the beginning of this journal entry. - Musically, I've progressed greatly since when I was still a regular here, which I'm quite happy about. I got about an album's
Still Here
I'm not dead. Things are still going good. Started new semester, to say it's easy is an understatement, the difficult is just about nonexistent. (With the exception of math, but that's to be expected.) The band has undergone some changes, due to creative differences a vital member to our old sound left, and now we're going a different direction that I think might actually be better, and more original than the last, but I'm going to purposely be vague here instead of spoiling it. As far as anyone that actually knows me is concerned, the old band is still around and going to perform in a month or so (depends on how ready we are) from now. T
K so
I just read 'Howl' today, by Ginsberg. and I gotta say this; That poem sucked so bad it hurt. I swear, it's just an older form of that stupid free-association open-ended poetry you find on here that'd have lines like. "Chicken sandwhiches flavored by the beef king of Africa, And the various angels of Greece.' Screw that. You all, and everyone else before you who thought stuff like that was GENIUS and made it so wildly popular. You're all way too easily impressed. Rant aside, things are evened out, and I got some well-needed new clothes. GG


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oi oiiiiii
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Hey! Happy birthday! Long time no talkyyyy. How've you been?
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Just dropping to say, Hello! I don't come on DA much anymore. Hope you are doing well. *hugs*
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HELLO! nice day. I'm doing a nice comission offer, be sure to take advantage on it!


Thank you for your attention !!!!
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