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Water Lily

By Islingt0ner
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Water Lily.

Included resolutions:
  • 1024x768

  • 1600x1200

  • 1280x1024

  • 2560x1600

  • 2048x1152

If you are using KDE you should extract to usr/share/wallpapers; since it has all the metadata files and so on.
All these resolutions hould scale down perfectly, but in case you have an exotic resolution, hit me up with a comment. ::D:
Original Photographer: 田中十洋
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awesome expression...  thank you for posting.
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Really nice shot.
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What're the rights on this? I'd like to use it for screenshots on my blog and maybe use it as a wallpaper option in a Linux-based OS.
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Ah, I see it's CC BY 3.0. Would an attribution in the package be good? :)
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yes please also link the original photographer :)
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Sweet, will do! Thanks. :D
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This is outstanding! I love this picture and am using it on my desktop now. Thank you for posting this!
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Wow, this is really nice its almost fake.
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nice wall mate! :thumbsup:
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Love the netural beauty of these :)
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Awesome!, detailed and cool dof effect!
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Wow! Very very good!!!
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Perfect job man :D
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Could you extract the other wallpapers too?
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not sure I understand...
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Great photo :) thanks for sharing this :).
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