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Produkt Plasma Theme

By Islingt0ner
A textured plasma theme. It would really help if people could try it out and report all bugs :)

GPL licensed.

How to install:

Install directly from get hot new stuff, just a full screenshot here.
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What's the widget to the left?
This is a fantastic theme, but I have a few minor issues with it:

* the "no network connection" icon in the system tray seems out of place, could you create one for it?
* the box around the tool box in the upper right hand corner of the screen is too small
* I'm missing some other system tray icons, i.e. kde-telepathy, clementine etc. etc.

Are you still willing to put in some more time in the theme?

Thank you very much for your work.
albero23's avatar
i love this theme!
TheImmortalPhoenix's avatar
The best theme i ever had!!
oguncak's avatar
hi. i wanted to say that your theme is the most professional one among all others i've used.
thank you for your magnificient work.
i love your work.
thanks thanks thanks.
thunderteaser's avatar
Great! Where can I find more icons just like the kubuntu logo and the star?
Islingt0ner's avatar
well most of the icons are a straight port from meego icons so that is where you wanna go :)

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Dude, this theme is wicked, especially if you have your panel set to autohide and want something opaque or nearly opaque to show over windows. The only thing I don't like (common with a lot of themes) is the big ass arrow used for displaying hidden tray items.
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not to worry this is fixed in the update; the big ass arrow is no more: [link]
molecule-eye's avatar
I just installed the updated plasma and color themes and I have to say that this theme is nasty FRESH. Though I'm still debating on how fresh I find the monochrome icons over the default oxygen ones. There's certainly an element of severe freshness to them, but, I just don't know. We need to call in a freshness expert.

The kget and amarok icons are a nice touch too. A printer applet icon would've been off the hook.
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actually I just checked and when I rolled back a commit the naming on the printer icon got rolled back too; bug fixed will update package soon.
molecule-eye's avatar
Oh yeah, I see the icons in the icons folder. How might one manually update the theme? Don't bother answering if it's too much hassle. I can live with updating later or not at all.
Islingt0ner's avatar
Could you try the update? manually updating is a bit messy.
molecule-eye's avatar
Yeah, it worked great, thanks. You didn't add more translucency, did you?
Islingt0ner's avatar
I have the icon for the printer applet already made; just no matter what objectid I give it doesnt show up. Look in the Icons folder for the printer icon as well as some icons to manually change for the startmenu, quickaccess, and alternative kopete icon.
Great Plasma theme. Thanks. :)
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Absolutely wonderful, Islington!
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