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N.7 Theme Pack

By Islingt0ner
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N.7 is a qtcurve, with a smaragd theme and a color scheme for KDE.

Use Chrome? Get the N7 theme made by Damis648: [link]

Inspired heavily by: [link]

In case, preview looks blurry: [link]
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Looks great.
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can you still get this theme?
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marvelous. thanks for this.
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Where is the qtcurve file?
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nvm figured it out. lol
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this theme is growing on me,i'm really liking it,it's the first qtcurve config that looks well done
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GTK3?? Is there any GTK 3 version of N.7??
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dreamnymphHobbyist Photographer
window decoration?
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Merely fantastic !! :)
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What's Plasma theme?
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very nice
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Looks really good, set it up in my archlinux box and everything went fine!

One thing, N.7.qtcurve is really named N.7 in the zip file, please add to description that one needs to rename N.7 to N.7.qtcurve

Could you please provide a link for the plasma theme and wallpaper used in the screenshot??

Thanks a lot
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how to install this
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Download the theme pack (link is on Top Right of the page, "Download File")

Extract and follow instructions detailed in the Readme file
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elavdeveloperHobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome!!! But.. I use gtk :(
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By the way, what's the name of this font?
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Calibri size 8, slight hinting.
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Thanks :D
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miksedkHobbyist General Artist
Very nice indeed :-P

kind regards miksedk
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Very slick, sexy and stylish.

Great job as always dear ~Islingt0ner :D
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I love the window controls!
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Rename N.7.tar.gz to N.7.emerald and you can use it in Compiz
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mind = blown
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Really nice! :)
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