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Week 1:: Not much to write home about...
>Folders, some apps at 48x48px.

Week 2 :: Spent a great deal of time cleaning svgs, refactoring into managable bits. got anal retentive about curves and alignments.

Week 3 :: Spent this week making some, what-do-you-callem, pancakes... wait no, icons. also made logo for project.
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Awesome work !
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Nicely done! I love the look of these!
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How to install this in Ubuntu 13.04?
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There are few icons missed - for home, templates, desktop and publicshare. After that this icon set can be easy merged with Faenza/Faience icons, so you don't need to draw ALL icons.
I hope, it will be released one day :)
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And i think, this is great icon set :)
The best freaking icon theme i ever seen on deviant art and its not even finished :(
I really hope the author hasn't abandoned this cuz its freaking awesome man.
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Is there a week 4 update?Really beautiful.
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Great, looking forward to the complete icon set
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Just beautiful, I'm just so lazy to convert all of them to .ico somehow XD makes me wanna install some linux, too bad I always uninstall them after some days.
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Thanks for the awesome icons :thanks:
Use it here in this Vs preview --> [link]

Beautiful , I m wait for the iconset !!!!!!
Will you keep the project to make a full icon set? Please, do it, cause I love it. Very good work.
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WOW I love it, brown colours that still remain very modern. But are you still working on them?
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Keep them coming, they are really really nice
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waiting for HD version ^^
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keep this work dude, it's a great iconpack, congrats.
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Cool icons !
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;-) What about other sizes to complete a system icons container?
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other sizes are definitely in the plan :la:
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i wish i'm booting linux
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