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Elementary Icons for KDE.

By Islingt0ner
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DanRabbit and The Elementary Project ([link]) are quite popular these days; unfortunately the icons are Gnome specific.

Technically Gnome icons should work under KDE (yay freedesktop) and they do for the most part, but there are some oddities that each DE uses.

Here is my very preliminary, very crude port to KDE. Lets hope The Elementary Project does an official port. :)

I believe these are under the GPL but I could be wrong; if I am in the wrong please leave me a message.
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Exelente! Perfectos para mi :)
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Jo there!
Are you still interested in this work? I'm currently using elementary Icons 3.0 in Chakra and they can use some tweaking for better fit the KDE SC desktop.

If you - or any of your followers! - is interested in porting the theme to KDE SC adding missing icons for commonly used KDE SC apps and folders please drop me a line - this is how elementary Icons and elementary theme actually looks like on KDE SC:
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r2dsProfessional Interface Designer
Something about that layout I like.
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nice icons
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Would anyone be so kind and tell me where/how can I change Places bar icon size?
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great port, where do i extract these gems? :)
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can you share your bespin preset?
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long lost, I am afraid. I haven't used bespin in quite some time, sorry. :(
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oh... okay then.
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Really beautiful, i like it ++
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IMO this setup looks nicer than Elementary GTK+icons for GNOME :clap: (although there are mods i.e. Zuki by lassekongo83, which is better than the original GTK theme). The vertical tool bar is awesome, the icons look the same as from the original set which is my favourite. You've made them in SVG and that's even more smashing. Thanks for sharing your great work! I hope you are going to make KDE and plasma themes as well? Looking forward to have that all on my desktop :yum:

What font did you use? Is it 'Aller'?
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DreadKnight666Professional Digital Artist
I like how your KDE looks; nice config. I especially dig that vertical tool bar in dolphin.
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DreadKnight666Professional Digital Artist
Sounds great, because I usually prefer tango since I don't like oxygen that much overall, too shiny/glossy for me. So this is a change for making KDE more bearable for me when I get to use it, because otherwise, it's pretty awesome.
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Good work! I love that screenshot. Could you share your bespin config, plasma theme and font settings?

I have another question: how can I (vertically) center Xbar menus like yours? Mine are close to the top of the bar.

Thank you.
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what is your plasma theme?
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bespin is an odd combination of tibanna and aya.
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WOW! This is freakin' awesome. Thank U!
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no thank *you*; I rarely get comments ^__^
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still not found it? :)
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plasma and bespin themes? good work ;)
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sorry for not responding earlier. plasma is a combination of aya and tibanna.

I will upload the bespin config as soon as I can find it!
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