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My Three - One = Two Sons

By ISleepNow
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Plagarism with Purpose

Announcer:  "What Happens When a Recently-Singled Father-of-Three Has More 'Kid' Than He Can Handle?"

Jaack:  "There's always a tendancy to want to, eh, "lighten the load", as it were.."

All credit for this image goes to Peter Kevin Glass.
Ever since I saw this chump's masterful composite I've been getting inspirations for a "My Three Sons' style sitcom featuring Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix as dad and his two living sons.

Jaack:  "Proud of 'em?  Listen, I have two sons who both won Academy Awards tryin' to be me.."

There's Heath-Joker, the rebellious one with a pent up rage against society built upon a mountain of daddy issues.   All he wants to do is set the corners of the world in opposition to each other and watch as the world tears itself apart. 
Then there's Phoenix-Joker, the youngest, the sensitive artist.  All he ever wanted to be was a clown.  To make people laugh.  But people wouldn't laugh.  The only one laughing was Artie but that's because of his mental condition, poor lad.  People can be cruel sometimes.  Some people demand their comedy take risks.  You don't get a laugh unless you break an egg or two, unless you have an edge.  Problem was, people wouldn't laugh until he finally went so far as to start killing people  Now he knows how to get people to laugh like he laughs, whether they want to or not..

As far as the personal dynamics of the show are concerned the interactions tend to revolve around a struggle for control between Napier-Joker, the father figure and his strong willed, highly intelligent and aggressive eldest son Heath-J.  In this context Arthur gets to be the go-between, something of a 'Larry.'  However, in the wars against the multiple Batmen they encounter Artie becomes the central figure in a tug-of-war as Batmens can sense that he is possibly the weak link and almost save-able and they vie against The Joker Family over his potential redemption.

This image takes place during the opening credits of the show.  Following a heist Dear ol' Dad takes out his gun and shoots Leto-Joker dead. 

Phoenix J:  Why didn't he shoot me instead?

Heath J:  I guess 'cause.. (growling) Dad always liked You better..

Arthur contemplates the answer and then responds:
Arthur:  Tell me the truth, it was the award wasn't it?

Family Guy type cut to the Academy Award ceremony.  Joaquin is giving his acceptance speech.
Joaquin Phoenix:  I'd like to thank the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Have you thought about changing your diet?  Did you know that being that you're eating came from    a farm that used to be    a forest   that  sustained the planet's ecosystem?     
Now each episode there's at least one comedy cutaway/reference to Leto-J sitting dead in the corner of their hideout.  Jack gets an awful lot of mileage out of his familiar motivational refrain,
Napier-Joker:  "c'mon muboy, make your dad proud.  After all, you don't want to wind up like your former brother (aside) 'Whom shall remain Nameless'
Cutaway to dead Leto-Joker lying very dead & lifeless in the corner amid canned audience hysterics..  Comedy Gold!

Jaack:  It's so nice when small things like this can bring a family closer together..

and Yes, the series Does use a laugh-track (filmed in front of a Live Audience!)

The title of each episode is based upon a familiar joke.  The first episode is titled, 'Knock Knock'.  The second is titled 'Who's There?'
Another is titled, 'Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?'
A three episode featuring a big Heath-Joker caper has the following titles:
1st episode:  'How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?'
2nd episode:  'It takes 53.  One to hold the light bulb.'
3rd episode:  'And the other 52 to hold every Joker in the deck.'    

each episode probably ends with a big beam shooting up into the sky too!


With a special appearance by Cesar Romero as 'Uncle Charlie' whom Phoenix Joker likes but Heath Joker Detests.

Heath-J:  Seriously, a Bat-Shark?!


More inspirations:

The Joker family fights their way out of a swarm of zombies.  As the battle progresses it turns into a Dawn of the Dead comic skit with the zombies being the ultimate comic props-of-destruction like in The Goon comic book series.   Poor Phoenix-Joker gets scared and begins to laugh hysterically until Heath Joker gets him a drink of water.  Then he starts throwing up.

Heath Joker:  Well are we supposed to be having any fun yet?
Nicholson-Joker:  I sure am.  I haven't killed this much in a long time.
Heath Joker:  Excuse me, explain to me how that was any different then wiping out a bunch of bots in a video game?  Those things aren't even alive.  What's the point?  They're just wandering around blankly.
Nicholson-Joker:  Do you have to take the fun out of Everything?  Can't you just enjoy something for it's appearance for a change?  What ever made you so hyper-critical and pessimistic?
Heath-Joker:  You did Dad.  The first lesson I learned from you is 'Life Sucks' and its the same lesson you've been teaching ever since.
Cut to random shot of Leto-Joker:  still dead, still just lying there.
Jaack's off-screen voiceover:  Yeah, c'mon, CMon!  I dare ya!  (cue audience laugh track)

Dad Disciplines His Sons

Jaack:  Sorry boys but this has to be done now get your asses over here. 

Heath comes over, gives him 'a look' with raised eyebrows.

Jaack:  What was that supposed to be?  Listen could you stop being a sick fuck for just ten seconds?  You're not supposed to enjoy this.

Jack walks over to Arthur.  Arthur begins to laugh out of nervous hysteria.

Jaack:  Oh shut up, (walking away)  What the Hell's wrong with my kids anyway?

Jack takes them both to an amusement park.  He accompanies Arthur on the roller coaster.  They go up and come down.  Arthur is smiling and laughing.

Jaack:  You're not smiling because you're frightened or upset now are you?

Phoenix Joker:  No, why?

Jaack:  good

Camera cuts to a along shot as Jaack begins to beat him.

"Life Is A Tragedy When Seen In Close-up, But Comedy In Long-shot." Charlie Chaplin

Jaack then surprises Heath Joker with a big stuffed animal and Clobbers him with it.

Jaack:  If you're gonna beat your kids, Never give them a warning, Never give them a reason, Never give them a chance to explain.  Just let brutality assume it's natural God given role as headmaster.

Prerequisite RyanPool Cameo Because-Ryan-Grew-Up-a-DC-Fanboy-and-Jokerz-was-his-Favorite-Character-and Because-Deadpool-is-just-a-Chaotic-Fuck-in-the-MCU-Who-Always-Talks-DC

<knocks on door>

Jaack:  See who's at the door, will ya' son

Artie answers the door.

DeadP (walking in spritely, waving to wall 4):  Hellll-lo-OO!

<canned dead people applauding + whistling>

Quick side cut of Heath J almost falling out of his chair.

Ryan walks back over to Artie and gives him a big open-mouthed kiss the way Artie kissed that 'Dr Ruth' (Dr Sally) on the Murray Franklin Show.  Artie tries to clear his mouth out once Ryanpool extracts his tongue.

Jaack:  Get his ass outta here!

Cut to Deadpool doing a Jerry Lewis pantomime sideways glance and take.

DeadP:  Oh my God, You've got your own dead-guy-in-the-corner TOO?! 

Quick cut to dead-ol' Leto J, slumped into an awkward sitting position.

DP:  Ya' gotta let me on your show, PLEASE!

Cut to Heath Joker (walking over):  That ain't all we got.  Wanna meet Joey?

Nicholson-Joker brings over what looks to be a dog about the size of a dalmation or larger whom he is cradling like a child.

Heath-Joker:  Heeeere's Jooooeeey!

DP (acknowledging the reference):  Oooh, I get that!

Nicholson Joker hands the animal over to DP.

Jaack:  You sure Do..

From the side the animal looks like a medium to large size dog with it's face hidden by a baby bonnet.  However, now it's face tilts up to DP and it is revealed to in fact be..

DP:  "OOhh look, it's a - Giant Gotham Super-Rat.."

DP staggers backwards with giganto-rodent on his chest while one of the Jokers holds the door open for him. 

Jaack (casually):  Can't get his show star-ted so he tries ta up-stage Ours..


Later, Artie gets captured and almost killed but Ryanpool comes to his rescue and saves him.

DeadP:  How come your family doesn't want me around Artie?

Phoenix Joker:  They say you're a bad influence on me.  Dad says I have a streak of decency in me.  That's why I only like killing people that deserve it.  Dad says I should just kill because it's funny.

Phoenix J:  Dad says you're not really a villain.

Design for mid-episode break bump
A slot machine is pulled and the three wheels spin.  The first wheel brings up a caricature of Nicholson Joker, the second brings up a caricature of Heath-Joker.  The third continues to spin and hesitantly brings up a caricature of Phoenix-Joker.  The alarm bells go off and a flood of small Leto-Joker heads tumble out of the machine.  The camera pans down so that we see some of them wobbling on the floor like real severed heads. Cut to black.

The original is located here:

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Wow; that drawing art looks very realistic; congratulations!

I can't say, who's my favourite Joker here, because the most of them did a great job.

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Jared Leto Joker Bashing One Thousand And Six.

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So he gets to be Mr Schneider from The Monkees, what's wrong with that?
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What's wrong is the bullying and witch-hunting everyone is doing to Jared when it's been three years and people won't shut up about it. What's even worse? People don't even have the slightest decency to motivate Leto instead of discriminating against him for his Joker.

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I can see them picking Jerome and booting Jared Leto out of the car to make room for a better Joker
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