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Soviet Samantha (3kkio Commission)

Say privyet to Samantha! My OC (semi based on myself). Commission done by the very talented :icon3kkio: and I'm super grateful for their work!

Age: 25
Height: 178cm (roughly 5 feet, 10 inches)
Weight: 74kg (roughly 162 pounds)
Blood Type: O Negative
Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Background: Samantha Volkov (formerly Samantha Pearson), defected to The Soviet Union in 2004 with her mother Carla. After seamlessly integrating into Soviet society and passing her loyalty tests Samantha enlisted in the Motherland Defector's Guard.

The MDG is a special unit made up of Western defectors who desire to help and serve their comrades, and aren't well suited for life on the battlefield. Samantha had been deemed "less useful" by the Corporate States of America due to her occasional balance issues. Her love for her fellow man, can-do attitude, and her problem solving abilities were ignored. She was slated for life as a Class 2 farmhand on the Grand Oklahoma Ranch. After her escape and defection, Major Natasya Yesipov discovered her selfless attitude and selected her for special training. Discovering that all her wonderful talents were wasted, the Major offered Samantha an on-the-spot enlistment in the MDG. She took her oath in March of 2014 and took on a life of public service.

Her uniform is that of all MDG operatives, fashionable and patriotic! She's a public servant with moderate arresting powers and acces to government assets. While police handle matters of law and order, MDG operatives perform numerous peacetime functions. Samantha's specialties include anything and everything involving vehicles. From giving driving lessons to young teens, assisting her comrades with auto repairs, informing them on wise purchases, and everything in between, Samantha is excited to help people in an official capacity! The Soviet Union has placed great trust and confidence in her and she won't let them down.

Her former accent is completely gone but she loves to pull out her American country-western accent for the curious. Her cute twang and high pitched voice are adorable! Her English speaking comrades love to impersonate her and she loves to hear them take their best shot. Rumor has it the best impersonation gets a kiss on the cheek! In her off duty hours you can find her curled up in bed with her cat, chatting with her neighbors, trying her hand at learning a new skill, and participating in efforts to destabilize the capitalist West. Even though she's never fired it in anger, her Makarov pistol is perfectly clean and zeroed in. Her boots are always shined, her uniform is impeccable, and her problems are left at home. Samantha is a wonderful example to the world, but tell her that and she'll slip an "Aw shucks" and blush a bit. She's just doing what she likes doing: helping people. You know what else makes her blush? Ask her if she has a crush on Katya from the Traffic Safety Division and watch her spaz.

Samantha knows one thing for sure: given the chance, even an outsider can find her home and make a difference. Like many American defectors, this is home and she most certainly is making a difference.
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Great comrade, you can always rely on them.

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Love her and love this idea!
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