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RWBY: Bladed Souls (3)
   So, where did I leave off to? Oh right, Ruby and her dear friends have managed to stop the Grimm, but they have left destruction in their wake. Worst they met Weiss Schnee, who blames them for the carnage done as she believes them to be nothing more than troublemakers. But that's not even where the icing on the cake ends as the police showed up and accuse all of them, including Weiss of being involved.
Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.
"I will say again—lay your weapons down, knees on the ground, and put your hands behind your heads." The officer says through the microphone.
Weiss was just confused by the situation that she was into, "Hang on a minute. Officer, I am not connected to this, it was these hooligans!"
"Hooligans?" Ruby says.
"Well, the situation could be worst." Ren says.
"How?" Jaune ask.
"We could be on TV."
   And cue in a flash of light shining on them, a helicopter hovering above them with a camera man angling down upon them. A woman in a g
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RWBY: Bladed Souls (2)
So, the last we left off Weiss Schnee was answering a call from her sister to see if she made it safely in Vale. Vale isn't a bad place, in fact there's more friendly people in the kingdom than there are in others. Nonetheless, Winter was just being a protective older sister; then disaster strikes in the form of a Grimm—a giant Beowolf—rampaging throughout the kingdom. And to bring more shock, there was apparently people riding it.
Now how did that happened?
"This is awesome!" Nora, the bubbly, fun-loving, slightly annoying girl was riding the beowolf on its back, as if it was normal for someone to be riding a Grimm.
As she is busy doing that, the red head who held on to the Grimm's butt looks behind her. "You know, this isn't what I imagine our first meeting to be… how are you doing?!" Pyrrha, the girl that everyone can depend in a situation of extreme danger.
She was speaking to the young man with blond hair that was holding onto the Grimm's tail, and was not having
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RWBY: Bladed Souls (1)
I'm not the best when it comes down to telling stories, never had a knack for it, even when I was told from it. However, this is different, not for the ears of children to hear, nor the weakest to bare. This is only for those who are willing to accept that maybe not everything that they know is not what it seems.
Scared? Well, I don't blame you, no manner of person can ever bear the thought that everything they have been taught, showed, or even teach could bear the thought of it. Some have even gone to lengths of suicide so that they wouldn't hear it. That is how the world works, I have seen it for too often.
But I'm getting ahead of myself and bringing in nightmares you all, so let's just get to the story, shall we?
Our story takes place in Remnant, a world inhabitant of both humans and Faunus alike, and the place where I myself have been born. Remnant has primarily four kingdoms—Vale, Mistral, Mantle and Vacuo, and each consisted of their own king or queen. Back then
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Batman: Gotham's Monster pt.1
Have you ever in your life woke up with a huge headache in the back of your head? If you have then you know how it is to wake up with a severe agony in the back of your head. This man was feeling, feeling the pain rush throw him like a ton of bricks. He believes that he has a concussion, something that worries him greatly. He has never had a concussion in his life, and having one now just made things a lot worse.
He tries to move, but he instantly falls back down, holding his stomach and letting out a scream. He looks down to see that his stomach has been opened up, blood seeping out onto the floor. His night just got a lot worse for him, or what he believes to be still night. How long was he out? It's hard for him to think with this cut, but luckily his healing factor has begun.
He couldn't go anywhere until his wound was healed, and until then, he has some time to ponder how he got in this mess. The situation he was in shouldn't be a problem for him, it was a very simple thing to do.
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Earth's Defenders 3: The Chat pt. 2
"Why Apple? Why?" As strange as it may seems, a banana starts crying uncontrollably at an apple. What followed next was the apple going at it as well, then came in a grapefruit that does the same.
"What is up with this show?" Opal ask, she was a little startled by the fact that all the fruit in the show always cries for no apparent reason. "I mean, yeah, his friend... or her friend. I can't tell if these are guys and girls. It's harder than seeing a human."
"I think their both."
Opal and Mika was sitting on the couch inside the home of the gems. Both watch intensely at the show called 'Crying Breakfast Friends'. The front door opens, Zircon and Benjamin comes in. "Benjamin, Crying Breakfast Friends is on." Mika says.
"You still watch that?" Ben watches fruit begin to cry over the pointless of things that any normal person who have just shrug it off in an instant.
"Why are they crying?" Zircon ask, his curiosity made when he saw more fruit come in and start cryin
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Earth's Defenders 3: The Chat pt. 1
You know what's the most irritating thing that can wake you up to a new day? An alarm clock. And Benjamin Shark so happens to forget to put his hearing aid on his nightstand, now he was waking up to the noise. Why his dad bought an alarm clock is beyond him. It's not often that he forgets to put his hearing aids away, only when he stays up too late, and that is what he was doing. Yesterday, he just met three aliens who go by the Zircon, Opal, and Cobalt.
Zircon is obviously the leader of them for he doesn't shout that could wreck someone's ears, and he isn't someone with a temper tantrum… at least that he knows. Opal is the loud, curious, and the girly of the three; she's nice but needs to learn how to tone her voice down a little. And the last of all is Cobalt who is indeed the definition of hothead or jackass. Ben said nothing but a few words and already he was about to get into a fight with him, plus it didn't go well when Opal and Mika accidently broke down his door. He liter
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It doesn't take Twilight long to realize that something was going on within the room that currently occupied her daughter. She had gotten up from bed to just grab a drink of water, but the sounds of soft whimper got her to conjure her aura around the doorknob. She twist it and walks right in to see a small form on a small, but comfortable bed that had stuff animals around it and even some were the pillows. The small figure was a filly with blond mane, purple coat, her tail was of a mix of yellow and blue. A small horn sat atop her head and wings also, indicating that she is an alicorn.
The filly currently had her hind legs up to her face, her front hooves around them, and her face buried in them. "Cloudby?" Twilight says gently. She got the attention of her daughter, her eyes covered in small tears but she can plainly see the magneta. Twilight got closer to the filly, "What's wrong, sweetheart?".
The filly sniffs and wipes the tears away, "I-Its nothing, mommy...".
"Come on, sweetheart
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Earth's Defenders 2: Meeting the Others
The strange tall girl grabs both Ben and Mika, and begins pushing them towards the asteroid, "I know you'll just love them! Their names are Zircon and Cobalt, they are my best friends. You being my second, Mika!"
"Aw. Thank you, Opal."
"No mention it. I'm the type of gem who loves to make friends!" Her shouting made Ben take out his hearing aids and check if they were broken. He thinks he sees static.
As she continues to push them towards the asteroid, Ben needed to stop this get some answers of his own. "Hang on a minute!" She looks at him confused and turns to Mika, who let out a shaking head but she still had her smile on. "Are you really an alien, or is this some kind of joke? Please tell me it is," Ben says plainly.
He really does not know what is going on or why this was happening. Maybe it is a trick, Mika always loves pulling tricks, actually she would love to do anything just to tick him off, and so doing this wouldn't be a surprise. Opal looks at him for several moments, his
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Earth's Defenders 1
Author's Note: Alright, for those who are looking for an OC story in the Steven Universe world, you have come to the right place. However, this isn’t an alternate universe where my OCs are the protectors of Beach City, instead they are in the same world as the show’s characters. They are not in Beach City but in a city called Moonstone City. There will be a crossover between Steven Universe and mine, but like all shows, you need to get more people to like it and get it talked about if there to be a crossover. YOU are the people, the audience that I need in order to make the crossover possible!
I love the show--the characters, the episodes, and the feel of what goes on around it that makes it so great. That’s what’s going to be in my story. It centers almost with the show, like, if in the show, Steven or someone else did some lightshow that went around the world, then that too will be in the story. It connects to the show, but if this gets popular, I might make u
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Cloudby Rain by IslandMan949 Cloudby Rain :iconislandman949:IslandMan949 0 2


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Alright everyone, it is finally time for me to make a return to writing stories!!! It has been a long time and the time has finally come for the return of ISLANDMAN...949. For months I've been doing nothing but trying to come up with some new stories and my personal life getting the better of me, but now I got some ideas in mind.

1. I will be working on RWBY, an online anime show created by the late Monty Oum and is on Rooster Teeth (creators of Red vs. Blue). It will be an AU story of the main characters and their pals. It will be something similar to the anime show Soul Eater, but is a tad different as none of the characters will be weapons, you will have to wait in... a few days for it on here and RWBY Wallpaper

2. The next will be a DC comics story about the Justice League, but with the characters being the same/different. The main characters will be Batman(Kirk Langstrom), Superwoman(Kara Zor-El), The Flash(Jay Garrick), Hawkgirl(Kandra Saunders), Green Lantern(Alan Scott). It will be called The Justice League, not an orginal title, but its a working progress.Image result for the justice league logo

3. Next up is a Marvel one and this will include the characters War Machine(James Rhodes), Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers), Spider-Man(Peter Parker), Blur(James Marcel/OC), Ant-Man(Hank Pym), Wasp(Janet van Dyne), Thor(Jane Foster), and Winter Soldier(Bucky Barnes). These is center in an alternate universe and is set on the early days of when superheroes was just beginning to come into the world. The Fantastic Four is in the world already, as they are not only the first superhero group, but the first superhero family, and the kids have already been born. However, the Avengers showing up will change the world, and open it up to new changes coming. This is the beginning of the Avengers, how they are formed and watch... as they fall.Image result for the avengers logo

More updates will be coming soon, and I'm excited to finally be working on these again.



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I'm a writer who writes just about anything and trying to get myself notice. I'm writing 24/7, coming up with ideas on stories that people haven't come up with yet.

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