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I am so happy one of the artists I follow shared this opportunity with their followers, because Naussi's art is absolutely gorgeous. This is a great chance at some beautiful art, and (if you're like me and somehow missed her gallery until now) a chance to follow a fantastic artist. 

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And now for Part II of the dAhub features! (If you missed Part I and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can find it here.)

:iconmaximko: Maximko's portraits and pinups have a soft, light quality that contrasts wonderfully with his earlier, darker and edgier works. Hyper-realism is becoming increasingly popular, and his take gives it a softer, gentler edge than some artists. As a bonus, he posts the progress pages for other artists to see how his works develop. 

Tattoo Neko by Maximko   Unicorn Light Elfgirl by Maximko

- - - - -

:iconvyrosk: Vyrosk is another animal/anthro artist I would have never discovered without dAhub. The focused use of light, saturated color, and attention to detail in their art makes it pop in an eye-startling matter and at the same time draws the viewer in to examine each piece more closely. This gallery is a true treat to browse through. 

'Created to bring Peace ' [FA] by Vyrosk   ' No return for you'  [GA] by Vyrosk

- - - - - 

:iconringoyan: I was completely floored by the level of cute in RingoYan's unique style of chibis. I watch a lot of chibi artists these days, but this gallery really jumped out at me as something special. The abbreviated detail and emphasis on the heads is reminiscent of Funko POP! figures, yet has detailed enough eyes and clothes to still read as bold, attractive figures. If you're a fan of chibis, this is a gallery to see. 

Hikaru Shidou by RingoYan   Deadpoool by RingoYan

- - - - -

:iconsallynyan: At first glance, I thought Sallynyan was just another generic anime artist, but some instinct (and probably the super-adorable avatar) made me stop and take a closer look at her gallery. I am so glad I did, because I would have been kicking myself if I had missed out! Sallynyan has incredible range, from simple, single-character chibi pictures to fully-detailed illustrations, and every single one of them is a joy of soft, bright color, smooth line, and small but important detail. This gallery is a must-see for anyone who aspires to be an anime-style artist. 

+Z+ Age meme Diala by Sallynyan   +Zanuelle+ Delvis 's Cofee by Sallynyan

- - - - -

:icondamaimikaz: There is an airy, painterly quality to DamaiMikaz's work that is easy to overlook if you're just scrolling but creates a comfortable, easy atmosphere when you stop and look at her gallery. The expressive, mood-filled art makes careful use of color to enhance the feel of each image and creates an emotional journey through the gallery. As an added bonus, she also includes sketchdumps and other "practice" works to show consistent work and development over time, which encourages other developing artists. 

Lady in Blue by DamaiMikaz   #03 Yellow [ Aiden ] by DamaiMikaz

- - - - -

:iconperlamarina: Pairing a fantastic skill in illustrating folklore/mythology with a mastery of portraiture has allowed PerlaMarina to create a simply gorgeous gallery of art. A special treat in her gallery is the "twisted fairytales" section, full of illustrations that create a different twist on well-known stories and bring out a level of fear the Brothers Grimm could only have hoped for. Everyone, everyone, needs to see this gallery. 

   Rapunzel by PerlaMarina

- - - - - 

That's the second set of six! However, before I go, I want to throw in a bonus feature: 

:iconquelchii: I found Quelchii's gallery via a click-through, rather than directly from dAhub. Now, my particular love for a certain Norse god aside, I watched Quelchii for her exquisite use of traditional media to create rich portraits of pop culture figures. Despite being referenced directly from existing images, each portrait still retains a sense of her own aesthetics and reflects a level of technical skill that is not as emphasized today as it has been in the past. If you're a fan of traditional media and pop culture, this gallery is worth a look. :heart: 

Loki - King of Asgard by Quelchii   Jon Snow (drawing) by Quelchii

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I'm looking to be more active on deviantART, so the other night I joined :icondahub:. I found them through a contest group I belong to, and I was initially a bit skeptical, because the account is a bot and the contest prizes for their current contest are much better than most of the user-run contests I've come across. 

It turns out, dAhub is not that bad of a deal! It works similar to the way WebRings worked back in the day (and yes, I just dated myself; if you don't know what a WebRing is, get off my lawn :p). The main difference is that you're not forever chained to the same group of users! The Watch, Fav and Llama groups change out frequently as donors change and new donors join at different levels.

I found a few members of dAhub had posted Journals responding to critics who said they were "buying" watches/favs/llamas. After going through the lists myself, I can tell you two things: 
  1. It's a lot of damned work, even if it's just clicking...and clicking...and clicking. Looking at all of those accounts ate up a couple hours of my time, and that was before I responded to anyone who thanked me for my time or traded back llamas. 
  2. There might be room for a very small subset of greedy or desperate deviants to watch/fav/llama absolutely everyone to try to max out their points gain, but I very much doubt it is the majority of the members there. In the end, I received 32 points for all of my work there; there were plenty of accounts I clicked back out of almost immediately because it was clear they were simply pandering for attention or because I just was not interested in the sort of art they offered. 
The upside? I found a lot of art I did like, including the group I want to feature here. These artists are simply exceptional, and it's likely I would have never found them if not for dAhub.

- - - - -

:iconsarilain: Of course, the first one I list has to be the exception to the above statement. :p I was already watching Sarilain when I joined dAhub. I am in love with Sarilain's adoptables art, and I've purchased several of her P2U bases and linearts for use in upcoming projects. Definitely check her out, especially if you like cute! :heart:

[CLOSED] Dreamkit #17 by Sarilain   [CLOSED] Puraki #1 by Sarilain

- - - - -

:iconriboo: I am always stoked to find amazing artists who do fan art in their own style, and Riboo's Pokémon art is exactly that. With a style that is reminiscent of both Disney and contemporary American cartoons, yet retaining the smooth color and line quality of Japanese animation, Riboo brings a fresh and bold look to some of the most familiar character faces, as well as new original characters, commissioned characters, and non-anime characters. This gallery is a must-see. 

Meowth - [Pokedex Project] by Riboo   Doggie And Guns Yo by Riboo

- - - - -

:iconvvlad-vvolfen: It takes a particular mix of skill and creativity to get me interested in either anthro art or horror art, and Vvlad-vVolfen has both. Because I so rarely look for it, I know I would have never found his gallery by chance, so I am incredibly grateful for having dAhub and the network it's built. If dark, striking, anthro and horror art is your thing, give Vvlad-vVolfen's art a look! 


- - - - -

:iconxenonia: Xenonia's stunning use of color nearly overwhelmed me when I first opened her gallery. She is an artist who has mastered the use of saturated color, yet doesn't go overboard with using it exclusively; her muted portraits are every bit as powerful as her colorful environmental works. She's also another artist who is not afraid to use her own style for fan art, which is a double-plus in her favor for me. 

Forever Lost by Xenonia   Sanctuary (original) by Xenonia

- - - - -

:iconmarcellyne: I was instantly intrigued by Marcellyne's work. On first glance they have a quality reminiscent of collage, but a closer inspection reveals an aesthetic for drawing and digital painting that is rarely taken advantage of when creating emotive art. There is a sense of heaviness verging on foreboding in the majority of her works that falls just shy of horror and instead gives a powerful psychological component to the art. I was first exposed to this sort of art during my Bachelor of Arts program, and I am thrilled to find it here as well. 

CORONA CONSTELLATION by Marcellyne   New Life by Marcellyne

- - - - -

:iconellysiumn: The incredible light and atmospheric quality of Ellysiumn's paintings and photomanipulations is simply breathtaking. He is able to combine a fantastic aesthetic for light with brilliant color to create vivid landscapes and rich portraits. This is the sort of gallery that inspires imaginations and sets fire to a passion for art in other artists. If you love art, visit his gallery. 

Waiting for Twilight by Ellysiumn   Nature goddess by Ellysiumn

- - - - -

 That's the first six of twelve total deviants I selected as stand-out artists from my first experience with dAhub! Stay tuned for Part II, containing the second set of six. :heart:

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I finished Chapter 4 of 'Til All Are One

dA: 'Til All Are One - Chapter 4


That is all. :meow:

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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? This account has been here 8 years (30 May 2007). I was here earlier than that with an older account, but I deleted it because I didn't really use it and it didn't really represent me. I made this account when I started using deviantART more regularly.

2. What does your username mean? It's the name of my art studio.

3. Describe yourself in three words. Fuck this shit.

4. Are you left or right handed? Ambidextrous, but right-handed for convenience.

5. What was your first deviation? No idea, but I'm sure it was bahleeted a long time ago; I cull my gallery fairly frequently and keep only pieces I still think are important to my progress in art. My oldest piece still on here is this one: Lesley 02 by IslandheartStudio

6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Mixed-media collage, even though I don't do a lot of it.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Art nouveau; I just don't have the sensibility for flat and pale color it requires.

8. What was your first favourite? Thank you Lady Macbeth by midknightBLU (This is also the deviant you folks have to thank for bringing me back to deviantART and convincing me to use an account here regularly.)

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Stuff I like. :p

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Right. Because that's a thing. hurricaneislandheart.deviantar…

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Anyone I watch. I watch them because I think they're interesting artists.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? I'm a better artist every day because of the incredible variety of art and artists on deviantART.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Whatever. I do a lot in Photoshop right now, but that will likely be changing soon. I use what I can, when I can, and Photoshop has been convenient for a while.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Anywhere I can knuckle down and focus on just my work for a while.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? (Too) many hours spent browsing Transformers porn. :meow:

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