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Deviation Actions


Here at IoQ most of out rules are either simple common courtesy or just plain common sense. Like be kind and respectful of all members. That being said, I have crawled out from under the rock I hide below enough to know it's easier to keep order if such things are stated.

It is preferred to keep the chatroom PG-13 and submissions PG-16.

1. All characters belong to their creator. If you have an idea involving a character make sure to ask their creator.
2. No Porn. All art submitted needs to abide by deviantart's ToS. We do not mind nudity so long as submissions have the proper warnings.
3. Don't be a dick.
4. Adult-child romantic relationships are explicitly banned. This is one of those rules we find weird that it has to be stated, but any characters under 18 should not be used in implied sexual situations. No pedo stuff please, okay thanks.
5. No Power Playing/God Modding/Beta RPing. We have math and skills for a reason, if you don't have an ability than don't act like it.

Moderation is expected to abide by the same rules as everyone else as well as <…> If you are having problems with a mod please report it to another mod! We want to keep this group as friendly as possible!

Bannings will be on a case by case basis, some rules would have harsher punishments (such as instant banning for child porn) where as others would result in a warning and banning if the offense continues.

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