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So making child characters is slightly different than adults. They start with the same limitations as adult characters, but then have other limitations added on. Ours are slightly modified from gurps. With the way they are done you MUST keep adult numbers listed, they can be on the app or in the written part below.

"A human infant has 30% of it's adult ST score, 40% of it's adult DX, and 50% of his adult IQ. A 5-year-old has 60% of it's adult ST, and 70% of it's adult DX and IQ. A 10-year-old has 80% of it's adult ST, and 90% of it's adult DX and IQ. "

At the Age of 13 they will have adult stats.

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to participate in mod dungeons, children under the age of 10 are allowed but frowned upon. When the simulator is up and running you can send your infants off to do dungeons if you so chose because I don't care.

Children under 16 do not get free houses. In the future we will make dungeon based properties available for purchase and children will be able to obtain those if they really wish to. However those will not be safe properties and it is still preferred that they just find adults to live with.

Children under 18 cannot have babies. We do not allow them to have those sorts of relations anyway.

Children can have occupations, however they need to be acquired in roleplay. A child job is the job with apprentice added on and half the pay, and they must work under and adult.

If two characters choose to have (or obtain via guardians) a baby, then whoever chooses to control the baby must have a slot available for the child (by unlocking extra character slots).

The world works in real time, each day is a day. Children grow at this rate, if your species grows at a different rate from humans let us know in the app and we shouldn't have any problems.

The same rules apply to children of couples within RP as do to children who just appear.

That's all! Have fun with your little babies~

To help you out with building your babies,
Here are 2 apps aged under 5:
IoQ: Melanie by Mifmemo IoQ: Reynalt by Mifmemo

Here is an app aged under 10:
Application Jonathan by Mifmemo

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