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So you wanna be a Mod in IoQ?

First off WHY?! We are one of the few groups where being a mod gives you less stuff and more responsibility.

1. Follow all member rules.
2. If a mod is running a dungeon, they cannot join their own dungeon with their characters.
3. Mod cannot win mod events, even if they're run by a different mod. So no prizes for participating, they can buy the special items from other characters if they are willing to sell.
4. Mod characters have NO SPECIAL STATUS in rp. Being a mod does not make you any more likely to gain power in roleplay than anyone else, and may in fact hinder one in taking power.
5. Mod characters level at the same rate as everyone else.
6. Mods only earn half points for contributions.
7. Mods have unlimited characters at start up (however any player can unlock unlimited characters with exp eventually), but the same rules for children apply to mods in that you need to have the room for the children you have, no more than 2 children per room.

Really the only possible benefit for being a mod is the ability to run dungeons. It might seem strange to some for being a mod to be such a negative, but we only want mods who are truly vested in the success of the group and helping things run well and would like to discourage power hungry people from being mods here.

Still interested? Well moderation is by invite only. If we think you are suitable and need extra hands you may be asked to be a mod. You always have the freedom to turn it down or step down.

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Galaxywolves's avatar
If your short handed at any point, I'd be happy to help ^^ I don't mind all the 'downsides', I would really like to help get this running well
Mifmemo's avatar
Good to know, though I am personally not very familiar with you so I have no idea how you would mod, also we will be pretty heavily chatroom based and I've never even seen you in there.
Galaxywolves's avatar
ah. My main problem with the chat room is time zones. I tend to only have a limited time slot on the computer during week days because of college, which is the only time I'll be able to get onto the chatroom^^; Never mind then, it was worth a shot at least. I'll just enjoy the group like everyone else.
Mifmemo's avatar
no worries,really the moderation isn't  as much of a concern as getting the sheets for items done is, and non-mods earn more.