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How do the math?
The math here can be a bit confusing at first, so I compleately understand your confusion. The easiest way I can explain it would be to start with your base 4 stats ST, DX, IQ and HT at 10. These are all worth the same amount of points so rotate them around with eachother as you wish so long as none above 13 or below 7 at creation (level 1). Next is the sub stats and all of these are worth different values. HP=ST, WILL=IQ, PER=IQ, FP=HT. if you take from these you get points and can buy other substat points with these. All is explained in higher detail in the journal. If you are still confused you may note the group and someone will try and help you out as soon as possible, remember we have real lives so please have patience if we are slow to respond.

Do I have to have a full front and back view of my character on the app?
Yes. This is to help with consistancy when characters are drawn by others. The app image does not have to be drawn by you, but both views are required.

What font do you use for the group?
Dekiru. You can find it here -> www.dafont.com/dekiru.font

So I wanna make an NPC?
Sorry but no. All characters are characters in our group. If you want to make a character that is rarely used after you unlock the ability to do so than go for it, but they would need to level like everyone else or would be low level. We have it set up so that extra characters are earned by exp and at a certain point all players can have unlimited characters. This is a trust thing, extra characters are a proof that you are a competent RPer and haven't been booted before earning the privilage.

But my character had a lot more abilities before I brought them here!
Thems the breaks kid. You can keep the higher power in their past if you wish, they can even be upset about leveling down. But everyone starts at level 1.

So babies?
Go for it? I'm not here to mother your character's interactions. With children though the requirements are pretty simple. You must have an upgraded house and each child counts as a character so you must have a slot to put the child in. No more than 2 children per room and they cannot share with an adult. This is the easiest way to check that characters are earning enough to support their children because we just have no intrest in watching every character interaction that closely.

My homosexual character wants to have a baby.
I guess you have two options there, 1 figure out how that works for the species you have or pay your guardian 10,000G to steal or otherwise obtain a baby via magic, we don't care. All other child rules apply.

So what's with the guardians?
We wanted to use an elemental concept with the island and something slightly uncommon so we were trying to stick with a Chinese theme to the island. The guardian of each element is pretty much a god, and may give you various quests to do if you are underneath them. They are responsible for all of the characters ending up on the island and can boot characters at whim. Picking an element is part of character creation an aligns you with one of the guardians.

So with them contribution bonuses for items.. Do I have to claim it to draw it?
Yes, it takes 2 seconds to comment, or you can note nova or mifmemo if you are uncomfortable commenting. But if 2 people do the same item and one of the two claimed it, then they get it end of discussion.

If you have any questions not answered here feel free to ask below. :)

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