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Gatherable Items

30G  Honey
10G  Cherub's Heart
10G  Spring Bell Flower
10G  Swamp Shroom
10G  Chinese Foxglove
15G  Lilac Daphne
15G  Devil's Trumpet
10G  Blueberry
10G  Apple
10G  Cherry
10G  Lemon
10G  Orange
10G  Plum
10G  Strawberry
10G  Peach
10G  Apricot
21G  Cloud Flower
5G  Tea Plant
30G False Morel Shroom
50G True Morel Shroom
20G Vines
20G Aged Bamboo
70G Wood
10G Young Bamboo
10G Stone
10G Whistle Grass
50G Whistle Berry
10G Tea Plant
52G Cloud Flower
12G Flame Flower
N/A Plague Tree
24G Plague Blossom
10G Plague Tree Bark
22G Plague Tree Leaf
10G Sting Cactus Needle
32G Mirror Flower
N/A Sting Cactus
56G Shamrock
20G Ainemone
20G Seaweed
30G Cotton Plant
N/A Whistle Tree
100G Sweet Fish
3000G Tuna
1500G Red Snapper
750G Mackerel
100G Smelt
25G Sardine
50G Sandfish
125G Iron Ore
250G Silver Ore
500G Gold Ore
50G Tin Ore
75G Copper Ore
100G Coral
10G Basic Sand
50G Dog's Mercury
75G Periwinkle
75G Lavender
200G Ficus
50G Thyme
50G Spearmint
50G Sage
50G Rosemary
100G Rose
50G Peppermint
100G Hibiscus
50G Chamomile
125G Sugarcane
75G Catmint
500G Platinum Ore
200G Red Goldstone
100G Chipped Diamond
100G Chipped Topaz
100G Chipped Amethyst
100G Chipped Sapphire
100G Chipped Emerald
100G Chipped Ruby
300G Flawed Amethyst
500G Flawed Diamond
200G Flawed Emerald
200G Flawed Ruby
300G Flawed Sapphire
500G Flawed Topaz
5000G Flawless Topaz
5000G Flawless Diamond
2000G Flawless Amethyst
2000G Flawless Sapphire
1000G Flawless Ruby
750G Flawless Emerald
10G Leaves
50G Castor Bean
500G Jade
300G Cacao Pod
200G Cacao Beans
50G Hops
50G Millet
50G Rye
50G Wheat
50G Corn
50G Oats

Crafted Items

1100G  Gem crusted collar- Diamond
1100G  Gem crusted collar- Topaz
300 G Ember Wool Fabric
500G Basic Taming Brush
10G Chicken Feed
50G Bamboo Scroll
500GBronze Ingot
300G Copper Ingot
1500G Gold Ingot
1000G Silver Ingot
550G Steel Ingot
150GTin Ingot
500G Spun Silk
500G Spinning Wheel
700G Angelic Cloud Thread
700G Burning Cloud Thread
700G Earthy Cloud Thread
700G Forest Cloud Thread
700G Metallic Cloud Thread
700G Shadow Cloud Thread
37000G Angelic Cloud Fabric
37000G Burning Cloud Fabric
37000G Earthy Cloud Fabric
37000G Forest Cloud Fabric
37000G Metallic Cloud Fabric
37000G Shadow Cloud Fabric
500G Toxic Goo Sand
500G Sunny Slime Sand
500G Mercury Sand
500G Glowing Slime Sand
500G Combustable Sand
500G Aquatic Slime Sand
500G Woodland Slime Sand
500G Emerald Sand
500G Topaz Sand
500G Ruby Sand
500G Diamond Sand
500G Amethyst Sand
100G Alchemical Sand
500G Sapphire Sand
750G Stiffened Leather
750G Darkened Leather
750G Lightened Leather
500G Basic Leather
400,000G Angelic Cloud Mantle
400,000G Burning Cloud Mantle
400,000G Earthy Cloud Mantle
400,000G Forest Cloud Mantle
400,000G Metallic Cloud Mantle
400,000G Shadow Cloud Mantle
8000G Stiffened Silk
2000G Genderbend Potion
6000G Bolt of Silk
100G Cotton Thread
1500G Cotton Fabric
200G Ember Wool Yarn
150G Flour
250G Sugar
700G Bronze Wire
500G Copper Wire
1700G Gold Wire
1200G Silver Wire
750G Steel Wire
350G Tin Wire
2500G Platinum Ingot
5000G Age Potion
100G Twine
300G Malleable Cast Iron
500G Iron Wire
1000G Nipple Cream
20000G Nimble Bracers
29500G Nimble Greaves
50G Copper Bead
30000G Sun-kissed Bangles
1000G Fixed Mining Tools
300000G Lustrous Dark Pearl
500G Wooden Barrel
300G Clay Jug
300G Wine Skin

Cooked Items

26G  Lemon Marmalade
26G  Orange Marmalade
26G  Cherry Jelly
26G  Apricot Jelly
26G  Peach Jelly
26G  Strawberry Jelly
26G  Blueberry Jelly
26G  Plum Jelly
26G  Apple Butter
20G Black Tea
20G Green Tea
20G White Tea
50G Black Blood Pudding
100G Crunchy Biscuit
500G Cheap Rice Wine
250G Cheese
200G Butter
3000G Sweet Roll
500G Feta Cheese
500G Provalone Cheese
500G Blue Cheese
75G Cookies
100G Jam Cookies

Domesticated Items

20G  Chicken Eggs
500G  Ruhnin Egg
500G  Bahnin Egg
150G Gorgeous Milk
5000G Baby Seahorse
100G Cow's Milk
250G Spicy Goat's Milk
1,000,000G Molten Kitten
1000G Mimic Egg
500G Baby Gorgeous Monkey
50G Spider Silk

Monster Drops

20G  Moss Bee Wing
28G  Moss Bee Stinger
10G  Delicate Hummerby Wing Wood
10G  Delicate Hummerby Wing Fire
10G  Delicate Hummerby Wing Dark
10G  Delicate Hummerby Wing Light
10G  Delicate Hummerby Wing Earth
30G  Sable Paw
35G  Fluffy Feathers
75G  Unidentified Moss-covered Weapon
10G  Chicken Feather
0G  Giant Treasure Chest
0G  Small Treasure Chest
50G  Diamond Fragment
300G  Timeless Stone
50G  Topaz Fragment
50G  Sapphire Fragment
50G  Ruby Fragment
50G  Emerald Fragment
50G  Amethyst Fragment
3G  Flat Teeth
215G  Hashi-Za Claw
25G  Colorful Scaley Skin
40G Carnia Petal
48G Carnia Saliva
44G Carnia Seed
60G Terutale Egg
30G Terutale Tail
24G Terutale Fin
100G Terutale Shell
26G Terutale Eye
6G Flat Teeth
40G Cow Hide
25G Dog Eyes
100G Carrion Hound Skull
2,500,000G Shadowed Band
No Item Value Jade Encrusted Chest
50G Chicken Breast
50G Beef Flank
50G Sable Meat Strips
100G Diseased Meat Strips
200,000G Warg King's Emblem
16G Sparkling Flower Powder
10G Stony Hummerby Wing
500G Dark Elemental Essence
500G Earth Elemental Essence
500G Fire Elemental Essence
500G Light Elemental Essence
500G Metal Elemental Essence
500G Water Elemental Essence
500G Wood Elemental Essence
500G Sharp Scale
250G Jagged Tooth
100G Bottle of Black Ink
500G Bloodstripe Seal Pelt
100G Shadow Pelt
250G Lightning Scale
100G Spicy Hooves
50G Emberaca Flank Meat
150G Burning Ember Sac
25G Unidentified Mushroom
150G Shoomb Gecko Moss
150G Ivory-Like Tusks
150G Skully Skull
150G Skully Soul
200G Giant Hog Boar Meat
200G Giant Slab of Raw Bacon
200G Green Fur Scraps
300G Foxen Claws
150G Vial of Combustible Slime
150G Vial of Aquatic Slime
150G Vial of Woodland Slime
150G Vial of Glowing Slime
150G Vial of Mercury
150G Vial of Toxic Goo
150G Vial of Sunny Slime
100G Raw Silk
10G Shimmering Drake Tailfin
50G Burning Cloud Fox Fur
50G Forest Cloud Fox Fur
50G Earthy Cloud Fox Fur
50G Angelic Cloud Fox Fur
50G Shadow Cloud Fox Fur
50G Metalic Cloud Fox Fur
100G Fluffy Wool
10000G Topaz Warg Hide
7000G Ruby Warg Hide
8500G Sapphire Warg Hide
8500G Amethyst Warg Hide
7000G Emerald Warg hide
10000G Diamond Warg Hide
1000G Mirror Shard
50000G Magic Mirror
750G Vial of Silver Blood
750G Rainbow Horn
100G Ruhnin Teeth
500G Earth Takshak Eyes
500G Fire Takshak Eyes
500G Wood Takshak Eyes
500G Water Takshak Eyes
500G Metal Takshak Eyes
500G Light Takshak Eyes
500G Dark Takshak Eyes
500G Takshak Crystals
500G Hippogryph Beak
30000G Blackened Armor Scraps
50G Hummerby Gills
100G Humanlike Bones
300G Burning Antlers
300G Sparkling Feather
100G Oil
100G Fluffy Bunny Tail
50G Kiwi Slice
500G Glowing Carapace
50G Hot Coals
200G Loach Lens
10G Broken Mining Tools
50G Glowbelly
50G Earthy Cloud Fox Meat
50G Metallic Cloud Fox Meat
50G Shadow Cloud Fox Meat
50G Angelic Cloud Fox Meat
50G Burning Cloud Fox Meat
50G Forest Cloud Fox Meat
20G Caramel Colored Meat
300G Spotted Takshak Tail
60G Kitty Meat
60G Fhostly Gray Paw
60G Tough Broken Paw
60G Sky Blue Paw
60G Spicy Orange Paw
60G Mossy Green Paw
60G Sunny Yellow Paw
300G Striped Takshak Tail
50G Spider Leg
100G Golden Kitty Eyes
10G Soft Dog Fur
10G Downy Fur
5000G Flawed Dark Jade
50000G Flawless Dark Jade
300G Sunburst Takshak Tail
300G Takshak Slime
300G Takshak Tail Fin
50G Half-digested Fish
50G Bahnin Teeth
70G Corroded Ore Scraps
50G Pink Fur
50G Golden Moth Wing
10000G Lizard Beast Fins
5000G Unidentified Moss-Covered Armor
150G Green Gem Dust
50G Pseudo Jade Fragment
50G Shiny Blue Scales
70G Unidentified Swamp Herbs
100G Dead Lobster
150G Chunk of Lobster Meat
150G Haunted Vine Sickle
300G Haunted Vine Leaves
150G Haunted Vine Thorn
N/A Leafy Shoes
N/A Leafy Charm
10000G Vine-like Horn
500G Wood Orb
100G Ghost Goo
100G Candy Corpse
500G Earth Orb
500G Metal Orb
500G Ice Orb
500G Crystal Orb
500G Darkness Orb
200G Bat Fangs
500G Sun Orb


1000G  Staff of Darkness
1000G  Staff of Earth
1000G  Staff of Fire
1000G  Staff of Light
1000G  Staff of Metal
1000G  Staff of the Sea
1000G  Staff of Wood
200G  Bola
700G  Earth Pitchfork
500G  Water Trident
700G  Wood Axe
700G  Metal Sable
700G  Dark Scythe
200G  Light Lantarn
500G  Fire Staff
200G Battle Axe
200G Basic Staff
300G Basic Sword
N/A Leslie's Fan
N/A Meredith's Spear
200G Basic Bow
500G Basic Crossbow
300G Warhammer
N/A Leslie's Pin
300G Deer Horn Knives
15000G Steel Warhammer
N/A Isabella's Magic Staff
300G Flanged Mace
700G Ball Mace
300G Basic Rapier
1000G Shatterglass Needles
N/A Drow Elemental Longbow
N/A Forest's Gift
N/A Warg King's Waraxe
250G Basic Spear
400G Throwing Hammer
1000G Dark Dagger
1000G Earth Dagger
1000G Fire Dagger
1000G Metal Dagger
1000G Water Dagger
1000G Wood Dagger
1000G Light Dagger
1000G Tiger Crossbow
2000G Dragon Crossbow
50000G Rune Crossbow
1000G Poison Dart
5000G Dragon Gauntlet
10000G Elbow Blade
10000G Halberd
25000G Lanern Club
25000G Whip Sword
100,000,000G Glass Rapier
N/A Moonlight Staff
N/A Gauntlets of Earth

200G Small Wooden Shield
500G Small Bronze Shield
1000G Large Bronze Shield
1000G Leather Armor
N/A Ana's Armor
N/A Ana's Helm
N/A Meredith's Shield
2500G Bronze Armor
2000G Bronze Helm
400,000G Angelic Cloud Mantle
400,000G Burning Cloud Mantle
400,000G Earthy Cloud Mantle
400,000G Forest Cloud Mantle
400,000G Metallic Cloud Mantle
400,000G Shadow Cloud Mantle
N/A Thumbelina's Armor
40,000G Kaiyo's Armor
20000G Mirror Bladed Shield
35000G Mages' Robes
10000G Silk Cape
20000G Shen's Bracers
29500G Shen's Greaves
N/A Ana's Greaves
N/A Ana's Gauntlets
N/A Phyx's Armor
N/A Phyx's Helm
N/A Phyx's Bravers
N/A Phyx's Greaves
10000G Stiffened Silk Armor


130G  Watermelon
120G  Carrot
110G  Tomato
140G  Galia Melon
170G Jalapeno
200G Sunrise Lettuce
50G Cinnamon
1000G Cinnamon Tree
100G Brussel Sprouts
120G Cabbage
120G Cauliflower
110G Celery
100G Collard Greens
130G Cucumber
110G Endive
100G Lettuce
110G Parsnip
100G Peas
120G Potato
100G Radicchio
100G Radish
120G Rhubarb
110G Spring Onion
120G Broccoli
300G Theobroma Tree


10G  Tomato Seeds
26G  Galia Melon Seeds
20G  Watermelon Seeds
10G  Carrot Seeds
100G Sunrise Lettuce Seeds

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I figured something like this would be nice because if you just wanna know the value of something then you could just flip to this journal and ctrl f to find it rather than flipping through pages of items and different subfolders XD;