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the Little Mermaid

By IslaDelCoco
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[EDIT] after YEARS, I'm very disappointed that the most of the comments is about my bad description of the novel - i've posted it seven years ago, based on the italian translation of the story - than now i've removed the description, just enjoy the novel. [/EDIT]

I hope you like it, anyway.


original chara is (c) H. C. Andersen and Disney
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I found this being linked on a facebook page. Figured, I rather give you my kudos to this extremely sensitive and even-to-me-pain-causing work. Well done! <3
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Hi! It's one amazing picture! I saw this pic from an article on Movie Pilot, and I really liked how it captured the anguish that the real Little Mermaid felt. I'm working on a YouTube series in which I narrate the original fairy tales, and I was wondering, if I refer my viewers to your DA page, if I may use your art for my Little Mermaid narration (which will likely be the third video I do)? 
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wow! that is all I have to say, I thought this one was just a horror view of the mermaid (not a big deal) and I love it. Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Clap CURSE YOU! Hug Love :happybounce: Huggle! 
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Anyone else see this and immediately wish to jump into the image and just cradle her?
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I found out this is what would really happen to Ariel by reading the book, not the kid friendly happily ever after ending Disney would have us believe.
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Beautiful artwork but I'm afraid your summary is a bit inaccurate.

It wasn't a novel. It was a short story. Not every "original version" is a novel. And she didn't become foam. That is the entire point. She died but she didn't become sea foam. Mermaids when they die don't ascend to Heaven because they "don't have Souls" (according to the original story). The mermaid would die if he fell in love with another. When the prince fell in love with someone else she was given the option to kill him to save herself she chose to sacrifice herself instead, thus earning her the chance to earn a soul. She became a spirit of air. Hans Christian Anderson was not allowed to publish the version where she's just sea foam at the end. His publisher deemed it too dark. Her tongue was cut out by the sea witch and each step was like walking on broken glass. And yes she died. But she did not become sea foam. Seriously, it's only like ten pages long...
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thank you for your notes, i've posted this seven years ago, and maybe my english was worse than now.
anyway, italian version of the novel means foam.
I'm very disappointed that my old description causes so much discontent, and it will be soon removed, so the users can view only on the illustration.
thanks again.
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Well the original material did say that Ariel goes through a sharp pain while she has her legs, so I am not so surprised (however, if Disney did this, I would be horrified).
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looks good, but poor Ariel, lol
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I'm from Denmark x3 and I know it well, got it as a bedtime Story as little x3
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(ahem!) But yes, this is sad.
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She isn't really forced to become foam, she decides to commit suicide instead of kill the prince to become a mermaid again.
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Andersen's original ending (and story) was better. Not really as tragic as it may seem, since she is reincarnated as an air spirit after the flam dissolves her. Just once I wish that Disney would take a risk and keep some of the darkness in the tales--lately all of the princess movies are starting to seem the same. But then again, that's just my opinion.
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Like in the Fox and the Hound book, the dog kills the fox and feels guilty, so he turns on his owner only to be shot.
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Where do I get this book?
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Could you link me to it? or is it only in a book?
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Never have I been so hyped to read something.
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Not to mention the fact that she had to endure great pain whenever she walked
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how did you create this???
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