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Well, I´ve been driving car to my friend, who lives aprox. 11 kilometers from my home. I entered very dense and dark forest. I just concentrated on the road, listened music and deeply philosophized about my future and many other important things. And at this point - out of the blue - I took note of some very huge, almost gigantic form moving among nearby trees. The creature started to move to the road and I immediately used the brakes. And then very gargantuan wild boar stepped on the road - giant, majestic, very muscular and grey. It was an impressive encounter and I´ll probably never forget it. Iam writing this, because this was my first encounter with wild boar in my life. Iam 22 years old and I often visit nature - and this was the first time I saw the wild boar. And some people don´t believe in large rare unknown species also known as cryptids! This was sort of entertaining and impressive cryptozoological lesson... :-)
  • Listening to: Soundtracks
  • Reading: James R. Paddock - Smilodon
  • Watching: Jurassic Park
  • Playing: Operation Flashpoint
  • Eating: Carp
  • Drinking: Fizzy Water


Czech Republic
Iam from Czech Republic - It is located right in the middle of the Europe. I Live in a small town called Ledeč nad Sázavou. The centre of the Europe is located few kilometers from my town. My hobbies are: (amateur)Paleontology, cryptozoology and genetics - mainly cloning of extinct species of animals. If anyone would like to talk with me about paleontology and cryptozoology, just send me a message. Are you interested in cryptozoology, or would you like to send me some informations about sightings of some cryptids? Contact me... I would like to join some expedition, and investigate sightings of strange creatures, or dig up some prehistoric fossils. I´am mainly interested in North-American cryptids - Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Champ, Ogopogo, Cadborosaurus Wilsii,... I´am also writing sci-fi thriller book (Jurassic Park - inspired) about cloning of extinct animals and some cryptozoological novels. I hope,that I will be able to translate them to english.

Current Residence: Czech republic
Favourite style of art: Drawing
Operating System: Windows Vista
Wallpaper of choice: JP styled



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